The Bachelor of General Studies is a flexible, interdisciplinary degree that can be customized to suit different educational and career goals. Students can focus studies on one or two areas, or complete courses from many areas. While there are some courses that provide the framework for the degree, the program provides an opportunity for students to design their own education.

The BGS program accepts credits from certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees from accredited community colleges and universities. The program allows students to build on their previous credentials or to use these credentials to accumulate credits toward the degree.

Some students who currently are enrolled in the program include:

• students who are diversifying to acquire a broad educational background;
• students who intend to become elementary school teachers;
• students whose educational or career interests have changed or who changed institutions partway through their programs;
• students whose main interest lies in a subject area in which UFV does not offer a major;
• students who want to do a sizeable portion of their courses online;
• students who have created a specialized thematic focus to their studies;
• students who are combining minors in a customized way.

All Bachelor of General Studies students are expected to gain a broad general educational background and so are required to complete course work selected from a variety of disciplines (i.e. breadth requirements). In addition to satisfying the breadth requirements, students select elective courses (i.e. electives) that lead to a General option, a Thematic option, or one or more minors.

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Our advisors help students plan their educational career, develop academic success skills, and use available resources and services.

You can book an appointment with a BGS advisor using our online booking form or, if you have questions, either email or call 604 5574028.

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