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Studying the creative arts yields not only innovative thinking but also cultural and economic benefits to society. Thoughtful visual expression enriches our shared experience - revealing beauty, encouraging tolerance and diversity, and sharpening critical insight.

In the Visual Arts Department at UFV, we encourage each student to develop their own expressive and analytical abilities, as they prepare for future careers as professional artists, designers, curators, educators, and more. 

Our highly-qualified faculty of academics, artists, and designers work collaboratively to offer students a dynamic learning environment in which to study traditional studio arts, new media art, Graphic and Digital Design, Film Studies, and Art History & Visual Studies. We are proud to be part of a regional university that serves the educational needs of domestic and international students, connecting local communities to global creative cultures.


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Day one on the Sichuan Study Tour and UFV students did an afternoon of sketching at a wetland sanctuary outside Chengdu, China. They worked on drawings of lotus flowers, lily pads, and other blooming aquatic plants at the ecological site. The group photo: Shelley Stefan and the 12 UFV students in China, joined with members of the Administration and Faculty of the host university in Chengdu, SNU.

Day 2 of the Sichuan Study Tour started with an Interculturalism art course where the 12 UFV students were joined by 16 Chinese students for a day of art and cultural exchange. Students then visited Tianfu square, the heart of the city, and ended up in the buzzing commercial district of Chengdu.

It's day 3 of the Sichuan Study Tour in Chengdu, China, and UFV students engaged in a morning of traditional Chinese ink painting at the Fine Arts College of SNU. Students learned about the history and meaning of the art form and put this knowledge into practice through a series of technical exercises.

On their 4th day in China, UFV students visited the Chengdu Art Museum of the Fine Arts College where they viewed the 3 floors of art featured in SNU's graduating student exhibition. Afterwards, they participated with the Chinese students in a live model figure drawing class. Stefan is photographed with Leilei Jin, the SNU faculty member who is collaborating with her on a week of exchange activities for the UFV and SNU art students.

Day 5 on the Sichuan Study Tour included more international classroom exercises and a lecture on Chinese traditional and contemporary art. UFV Students then went on to explore People's Park in Chengdu which culminated in the experience of true Sichuanese tea culture with an afternoon of relaxation, sketching, and Chinese tea.

Day 6 in Chengdu marked the final class of the week long exchange activities held with the Fine Arts College of SNU. The group of UFV and SNU students started out as strangers, but after several days of intercultural exchange through art, they have built understanding, connections, and friendships for a lifetime.

On day 7 in China, Sichuan Study Tour students spent the day at the Chengdu Research Base of the Giant Panda where they saw pandas and gathered source material for their drawing sketchbooks.

Day 8 on the Sichuan Study Tour included a road trip outside of Chengdu for a visit to the San Xing Dui museum where students did sketches of the ancient archeological artifacts and bronze sculptures. Students then visited the Wenshu Monastery for an afternoon of sketching on the beautiful grounds.

Day 9 in Chengdu involved attending the opening ceremony of Shelley Stefan's art exhibition, Backstreet Chengdu, a series of portraits of Backstreet Chengdu culture based on Stefan's trip to SNU in 2014. After the opening, it was a day of exploration and adventure.

On day 10 of the Sichuan Study Tour, students embarked on a road trip to see the world's tallest Buddha, the Leshan Buddha, which is nestled into the forested mountainside at the base of 2 rivers.

Day 11 of the Sichuan Study Tour involved a visit to Chengdu's famous Jinli Street for a morning of folk custom crafts and delicious snacks and then a visit to the neighbouring Wuhou Temple.

Day 12 marked the last day in Chengdu for the Sichuan Study Tour participants. Students and Stefan were invited to a hot pot lunch celebration with members of the SNU Fine Arts College for a festive send-off.

On Day 13, students arrived back home to the Vancouver Airport and huddled together to enjoy their last group pic.


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