Research Option & Scholarly Activity Releases Workshop

Tuesday, Sept 23
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Room B121

View the workshop slideshow here.

Planning to apply for a Research Option or Scholarly Activity Release for 2015-2016?

The Research Office will present a workshop to assist faculty in preparing a Research Option and Scholarly Activity applications.

At this workshop you will receive tips on:

  • NEW forms / NEW process
  • VP Academic Task Force on Research & Scholarship Recommendations
  • Recognizing what makes a good application
  • Writing a project summary, concise statement of benefits and impacts of the project
  • Developing a manageable timeline of activities
  • Identifying potential outcomes, disseminations, and publications

Start planning now – the deadline to apply for a 2015-2016 is October 31, 2014.

Application form and additional information is available here.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to

The Agricultural Land Reserve at a Crossroads:
40 years of Farmland Preservation in Southwestern British Columbia

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) has served as a defining feature of British Columbia agriculture since it was instituted 40 years ago. Applications to exclude land earlier placed in the reserve occur frequently and generate concern both from farmers and the general public; when approved, they affect not only a specific piece of land but also the surrounding landscape. As the ALR was founded before geographic information systems technology was available, changes over time to the land reserve have not been easily visualized or understood. Dr. Lenore Newman and her research team have produced a set of maps and accompanying photographs of the changing boundaries of the ALR in the Lower Mainland that illustrates both the strengths and vulnerabilities of the reserve in a way that they have not been displayed previously.

Featuring a series of ten-minute “lightning talks” which will provide focused introductions to the present and past of the ALR and Lower Mainland agriculture.
Following the talks we will proceed to the Gallery, B136, for a reception and viewing of the exhibition.

Exhibition Opening: October 1, 2014, 4:00 pm Abbotsford Campus, B101
Contact: Lisa Powell (

Do you need to write an ethics proposal for a research project or a class but don’t know where to start?

Andrea Hughes (HREB Chair) and Michelle Riedlinger (HREB Vice-Chair) will help you through the process.
Bring your questions to the Ethics Proposal Brown Bag Lunch.

Thurs, Oct 2
12–1:30 p.m.
Kipp Research Lab, Abby B164

Light refreshments provided.
Open to both faculty and students.

Please RSVP to Yvette Fairweather (

For more information, contact Yvette at

Faculty Sabbatical Leave Applications

Planning to apply for a Sabbatical Leave?

A sabbatical application identifies your objectives, what you will do, and what the outcomes will be. You need to have a clear plan in order to identify resources and support. We are here to help!

PowerPoint slides from the June 2014 workshop are available here.

Start planning now – the deadline to apply for a 2015-2016 Sabbatical Leave is October 31, 2014.  Contact for more help!

Dr. Lenore Newman receives Devorah Kahn Award for Leadership

Dr. Lenore Newman is the 2014 recipient of the Devorah Kahn Award for Leadership in Food Security, presented annually by the Vancouver Farmers Market Society.  See more.

Bright Ideas!

Celebrating undergraduate research excellence


On June 2, UFV presented 26 students with awards totalling over $19,000 and acknowledged many other prestigious student research achievements.  Just one example of how UFV strives to provide exceptional learning experiences to enhance students' education. Engaging in research spawns opportunities for future studies and careers!

2014 URE Awards Program

Event Photos

2014 Project Slides

2014 Research Excellence Award Winner

Dr. Michael Gaetz, Associate Professor
Kinesiology & Physical Education

In his ten years of combining teaching and research at UFV, Dr. Michael Gaetz focused his scientific research on keeping the population healthy, raising healthier kids, and helping the elderly stay healthy longer through well-planned physical activity.

Gaetz takes a creative approach to research, seeking community partners and collaborating with faculty from other disciplines. He sees many opportunities to involve UFV undergraduate students in community-based research projects. Read more

UFV's Research Office introduces the R2R Mentor System

The office of Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies is committed to facilitating mentoring relationships to help increase productivity and commitment in research, scholarship, and the integration of research and scholarship into teaching. Read more

Getting Started in Research by Collaborating

Fiona McQuarrie & Keith Lownie talk about getting
published and the benefits of collaboration.

In this 11-minute video, UFV faculty members Fiona McQuarrie and Keith Lownie talk about their collaboration on a teaching-oriented research paper that was recently published. They also give several recommendations for colleagues who want to engage in research collaboration.

Keith describes being new at research and how great it was to have Fiona, a more experienced researcher, at his side. He says, "Where the process of getting published was unknown before, it is not unknown now."

Watch the video

Student Research Day Poster Presentations


Did you hear the buzz?

On April 10 the UFV Research Office hosted its annual Student Research Day Poster Presentations providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to share their research.

More than 30 students took this chance to talk one-on-one with faculty and students about their exciting research projects!

In addition to showcasing the hard work of students spanning a cross-section of disciplines, participants also competed for scholarship awards between $150-200.

Engagement in research and events such as this can help students obtain scholarships, awards, and graduate school positions. Student research contributes to UFV's strategic goals of providing "the best undergraduate education in Canada."

 Event Photos

Student Participant List 

Award Winners 2014

Provost & VP Academic $200
Meagan Beatty, Chemistry
Uncovering the truth about nitro-pyrroles while synthesizing a macrocyclic anion receptor
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Cory Beshara

AVP Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies $200
Tracey Heron, Geography
Recent landscape disturbance recorded in sediments beneath a small lake in the Fraser Lowland of British Columbia
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Hughes & Dr. Daniel Selbie

Tracey Heron, Award Recipient

Dean of Faculty Science $150
Kevin Janz, Biology
Pyrethroid insecticides inhibit the electron transport chain in mammalian mitochondria
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Stea

Dean of College of Arts $150
Libby Griffin, Environmental Communications
The importance of street trees in Abbotsford, BC
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Riedlinger & Dr. Mariano Mapili

Dean of Faculty of Professional Studies $150
Harjyot Samra, Business
Student motivations for engaging in Research
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Marcella La Fever

Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences $150
Kamaldeep Gill, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Effects of a strength based motor skill development program on a test of executive function of children with FASD
Faculty Supervisor: Alison Pritchard-Orr, MSc

Vice Provost & AVP Academic $150
Nicole Wierks, Biology
Prevalence of genetically modified components in cereals in the Canadian marketplace
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Stea

AVP Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies $150
Nastasha Mol, Visual Arts
Learned compassion
Faculty Supervisor: Grace Tsurumaru, MFA

  2013 Poster Presentation

NSERC Common CV Template Now Available

In preparation for the launch of the Research Portal in early May 2013, NSERC is gradually phasing in the new Canadian Common CV (CCV) to replace the Personal Data Form (Form 100), starting with:
• The Notification of Intent for Discovery Grants (Individual and Team);
• The full application for Discovery Grants; and
• All the program elements for the Subatomic Physics Grants suite.

The NSERC CCV template is now available and applies only to these programs for the time being. Instructions for completing the NSERC CCV are also on-line.

Other NSERC Programs

• Other funding opportunities will continue to use the current On-line System and Form 100 until they are migrated to the Research Portal.
• Applicants will be notified in advance of the dates when others will migrate; all NSERC funding opportunities are expected to be integrated by late 2015.
• In the meantime, applicants to multiple NSERC programs will need to maintain and update both their Form 100 and NSERC CCV given the gradual implementation.

For support with the NSERC CCV, please contact the On-line Services Helpdesk by e-mail at or by telephone at 613-995-4273.

Update on NSERC's Research Portal and the Canadian Common CV

NSERC will launch its Research Portal and begin using the Canadian Common CV (CCV) in spring 2013. The Research Portal will be used to manage application and peer review processes, acceptance of awards, notification of results and reporting.

The transition to the Research Portal and the CCV will be phased in gradually (i.e., program by program) starting with the Notification of Intent for Discovery Grants (Individual and Team) and all the program elements for the Subatomic Physics Grants suite, followed by Collaborative Research and Development Grants. Details and dates will be communicated as we get closer to launching the Research Portal.

The NSERC CCV will be available in spring 2013. We strongly encourage the research community to start entering their data once the template is available as it can be time consuming to populate the fields the first time. Once data is entered, only updating is required, and it can be re-used for future applications to NSERC and/or other participating organizations. For these reasons, the CCV will lighten the load on the research community in the long run. For more information, including timelines and frequently asked questions on the CCV, please visit the Research Portal Resource Centre on NSERC's Web site.

All other funding opportunities will continue to use the current on-line system and the NSERC Personal Data Form (Form 100) until they are migrated to the Research Portal. All NSERC programs are expected to be integrated by late 2015. In the meantime, applicants to multiple programs will need to maintain and update both their NSERC Personal Data Form (Form 100) and NSERC CCV, given the gradual migration of programs to the Research Portal.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), with whom NSERC shares all of its administrative services, including Information Technology services, recently completed its first competition using the Research Portal and the CCV with Insight Development Grants.

NSERC Contact Newsletter - Keep up to date with NSERC news and deadlines

SSHRC - Stay connected with SSHRC news and deadlines here

CIHR - Stay connected with CIHR news and upcoming opportunities

IPS & IIS Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

Canada’s three federal granting agencies—Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)—are now requiring that any applicant, co-applicant and College and Community Innovation Program participant on grant or scholarship applications consent to have some of their personal information disclosed in cases of serious breach of agency policy.

Therefore, a signed Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information form is now a requirement of all new IPS/IIS applications submitted to NSERC.  A link to the form can be found in the overview section on the IPS program page on our website.

For further information, see the Frequently Asked Questions about the Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

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