Information for new Arts Students at UFV

Congratulations on being admitted to the College of Arts! 

We'd like to help you get started to find your way around UFV and get ready to register for courses.  Click on the icon below to get started!  

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  • Tour the UFV website at Check out the Future UFV students page. 

  • Log on to myUFV to access on-line services, including course registration, e-mail, course materials, news, calendar, UFV announcements and more. 

  • Start using your MyUFV email account now ( All correspondence from the university will be sent to this account. If you need assistance, consult the FAQ or call UFV's Help Desk on 604 864 4610

  •  Review the Arts Programs at UFV

  • Prepare for Registration 

    Refer to Important Registration Dates to find out when registration times will be available for the upcoming semester. On or after this date, you may find your registration time through myUFV. Use your UFV student ID and password to log in. Make the following selections:
    » Student Information
    » Registration
    » Check your registration time and eligibility.

Here are the new BA Admissions requirements and Arts Programs worksheets.

Not sure which classes to take?

Check out the 1st Year Study Themes.

The classes are ideal for new students since they do not have any prerequisites.



Sign up to work with a Peer Mentor  

We have 3rd and 4th year Arts students who are trained to help you make a smooth transition to university life.

Learn more about the RBC Arts Peer mentorship program




Register for the New Student Orientation


Come in and talk to us!

Please free to Book an Appointment with an Arts Advisor to discuss this information. Print out this form in preparation for your appointment.

The Arts Advice Centre at UFV:
Abbotsford Campus B249
Phone: 604-557-4028

We look forward to seeing you at UFV!


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