Baker House Residents

Important Card Information to Know
Once you arrive at Baker House you will receive a temporary move-in card which is valid during the move-in period only. As soon as you move into Residence go directly to the card office. Baker House residents receive two cards, a UFV Campus Card, and a Resident Card. Before you go to the card office, make sure you;

  • are enrolled in at least one class in the current semester
  • provide a valid government issued ID such as a driver’s license, or passport
  • bring your temporary move-in card, a $25.00 replacement fee applies for lost temporary move-in cards and is payable to Residence Services
  UFV Campus Card is your:       Resident Cards are used for:  


University ID
Library card
Laundry card *
Building access 
Cascade Cash
Meal plan  
Validation for the SUS U-Pass
Printing and photocopying




Residence ID
Signing out materials at Front Desk  
Student Activity Centre membership

*Residents must load their card with Cascade Cash to access the laundry machines. Each laundry transaction costs $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry cycle.

Lost or Stolen Campus Cards

  • Notify Residence Services at 604.557.4063 to deactivate door access
  • Contact the card office immediately to freeze your accounts: you are responsible for all transcations on the card until it is reported lost or stolen

New printing processes in effect for UFV

Visit the Campus Card office to move your money from your Campus Card chip to your strip and pay for services using one account.

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