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Send your daughter or son off to university with money pre-loaded on their Campus Card – it’s safe, secure, and practical. The UFV Campus Card is not only the official university ID, it's packed with services. It's a meal plan, library card, photocopy card, transportation card, gym membership, and campus debit card -- students can use it to buy their textbooks too!

Meal Plans
Parents and students can choose from a selection of meal plans that best meet individual needs. Meal Plans expire at the end of the semester, with each meal  saving the 5% GST. Plans are available for students who live on or off campus. For more information on how to choose the best meal plan, consult the Meal Plan web page. 

Cascade Cash
Cascade Cash is flexible: students can buy textbooks, food, print/photocopy or to do their laundry (if a student lives in residence). Cascade Cash carries over from one semester to the next and can be topped up anytime. 

The difference between meal plans and Cascade Cash: meal plans save tax and are valid for one semester while Cascade Cash follows the student from one semester to the next, however taxes do apply.

How can I add funds?
Add funds to your son or daughter's Campus Card either in person or by calling the card office at 604.851.6363 (toll free 1.888.504.7441 ext. 6363).  The card office requires the student's ID number (9 digits) to ensure we access the correct account. Have a question, or need more information, contact us, we're here to help. 

Cardholder Terms and Conditions
Cardholder Terms and Conditions are listed here. The university recognizes that students are young adults and are responsible for their own finances. Please note that the card office only provides transaction information to the cardholder. The cardholder is required to present their Campus Card upon request.

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