Friends Without Borders

Friends Without Borders (FWB) is a 10+ week intercultural peer mentorship program that builds connections and networks for students culturally and socially. 

Friends Without Borders promotes intercultural learning by empowering students to become global citizens through cross-cultural exchange. Our vision is to engage both Canadian and international students to experience the rich cultural diversity at UFV

We welcome all UFV students to participate (new and returning domestic students, and returning and new international students).

Schedule for Winter 2016 FWB - Tuesday's 4-6pm / January 26-April 5, 2016.



Who can be a Friend and what is the role?

New and returning domestic and new and returning international students can apply as a Friend.

Returning domestic and international students will learn new cultural perspectives by connecting with friends from diverse cultural backgrounds. They will improve their communication skills across cultures.

Through fun events, activities and weekly meetings with mentors, Friends will learn new cultural perspectives by connecting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. They will develop friendship, increase their cultural knowledge, and improve their communication skills across cultures. New students will also benefit by receiving support towards a successful transition and integration to UFV.

Apply online to be a Friend.


Who can be a Mentor?

To be a Mentor, you must:

  1. Be a returning domestic or international student.
  2. Have participated in Friends without Borders for at least one semester.
  3. Participate in the training in December 2015.
  4. Attend an interview for final selection. 
  5. Make yourself available for the Friends without Borders opening event (date to be determined).
  6. Commit to MINIMUM of 2-3 hours per week between January-April, 2016.

 What is the role of a Mentor?

Mentors will play a leadership role in the Friends Without Borders (FWB) program, planning and coordinating the FWB meetings with the friends. Mentors will be matched with four or more Friends to provide assistance, guidance, and support in the new cultural interactions between Friends.

Mentors will not only play an invaluable role in supporting peers, but also will receive CCR credits, have profile on UFV International Website & social media, gain skills and experience that will help future plans, and have FUN!

We are no longer recruiting mentors for Winter 2016. 

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