International Student Club (ISC)

Celebrating Diversity in our University

If you are a UFV International Student or a local student who wants to meet people from all over the world, become an active member of the International Student Club (ISC). Being a member of ISA will give you great volunteer opportunities and a chance to help plan great events and activities. A few people are saying it’s a lot of fun too! 

Mission Statement

The International Student Club is here to celebrate diversity in our university. We are dedicated to promote the internationalization of UFV. ISC will focus on helping International and exchange students integrate into their new school, student body, and community by providing endless opportunities to enrich their living and learning experience while studying at UFV. We will do so by organizing and promoting trips, events, and activities, which will give all local and international students a platform to socialize, learn, and have fun in a friendly and inclusive environment.


        Expressions of Interest for ISC Executive 2014-15


Gurmit Sandhu Running for... (ranked)

I'm interested in team building, Motivate all the members, Being the change, Keeping calm in any situation, Problem solving, Planning objectives,Organizing the team and its job, Controlling and Comparing with the results and then working on weak points, Service oriented, Time manager, Working with Effectiveness and Efficiency, Very Creative(have even won prizes for that),Custom Designing, Keeping check on work done by the team and what is yet to be done, Planning a back up for every plan I make, Never loosing Hope, Active at work, Keen Learner and Good Listener.

Skills: Creativity, Leadership, Event Planning, Budgeting, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Marketing, Communications, Governance, Work independently, Creativity, Responsisbility, Management,Researching, Analyzing, Cooperation, Motivation.






Karamjot Grewal  

I have done volunteering in many events such as international events volunteer, daffodils day, I am also a student ambassador as well as assisted new students being a part of friends without border program. I can commit 3 hrs/week for the executive role. I aim to be a part of the events that will be held in UFV campus as an organiser. I have raised funds during daffodils event and have work as a part of group as well as independently. I can communicate easily with students from different countries and has power of leadership too which can be seen from my experience during NSO. The students have good relations with me and they are quite comfortable in coordinating with me.

Skills: Leadership, Event Planning, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Communications, Work independently



Kerstin Stausberg  

Having been in Canada now for three years has really given me a good understanding of the variety of other cultures as well as the differences. Although I had no interest in getting to know other cultures at all at the beginning, the more I made friends and interacted with people in Canada, the more passionate I became about cultures. Shortly after I had started as a student at UFV I became friends with people from all over the world and showed a keen interest in their language and culture, which also resulted in me taking intercultural communication at UFV. This course really gave me a better understanding on how culturally divers people have a different verbal and nonverbal communication style. I became to understand that I sometimes have to be aware of these different communication styles in order to understand people to get along with them without judging.
Other than just hanging out with international students and taking a course, I also got involved within the international department as an international student mentor who helps new international students getting adjusted to the new university and country. As a current mentor, a committee member for the multicultural festival, and a volunteer for international events, I gained leaderships skills; I learned to work collaboratively with other team members to achieve goals and understood the importance of commitment in order to get projects done successfully.
As I am a committed and responsible person who is passionate about cultures, I would like to bring to your attention following goals:

• Promote international events such as food nights
• Seminars to promote cultural awareness
• Change the flat fee tuition into a pay per credit system
• Encourage interaction between international and domestic students
• Address any issues international students face

Skills:Creativity, Leadership, Event Planning, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Communications, Work independently, Creativity

As an international student mentor, I am required to have a constant interaction with the students I take care of. As I enjoy interacting with people, building relationships and including people is easy for me. Not only am I taking on a leadership role by being a mentor, also as as committee member for the multicultural festival in Abbotsford, I was in a leadership role, as my team members and I had to recruit volunteers and come up with ideas to make this event fun and successful. Although relying on other fellow students is important, I am also able to work independently as we often divided up tasks to get certain things done faster. Ongoing communication with volunteers and committee members for the event made the festival successful.






 Kulveer Singh Aulakh  

My skills are leadership qauilities that I have attained through years of experience. I can work with full synergy throughout the team members. I will act as a great role model for the association. I also have number of hours of curricular record with Ufv international. I want to lead the whole international students to benefit from the diverse culture that is present in the university. The position can also help me gain more experience over the time. I am a full time student and I am willing to commit at least 10 to 15 hours per week for the club. I will also hold every time meeting and will arrive to be present in them. My goal is to help international student benefit from the diverse culture and enjoy the Ufv life.

Skills: Creativity, Leadership, Relationship Building, Marketing, Communications, Creativity




 Lucky Sandhu  

 I have a lot of free time this semester because I am taking just 3 courses therefore I will be able to commit to the my duties. I have been part of ISA for 2 years now and I want to try to make the new ISA as stable and function-able as possible since these changes are new and ISA represents a large group of students.

Skills: Leadership: I have been in charge of various clubs and events in the past . Event planing: I havedesigned a lot of even posters as well as UFV India logo and I have worked as event organizer at both Student Services as ISA.. Fundraising: I have taken part in various Fun raising events such as Daffodils day, Run for water, Relay for life etc. and was able to collect a lot of funds for them. Volunteer Coordination: Have organized a lot of events in the past which required a lot of events from different cultures. Work independently: I can work alone or take over someone if they are not able to show up or do their part.

 1. CEO


3. Events

4. Marketing

5. COO

Purvi Dholakia


I have almost all of the skills listed here through my prior work experience. Regarding time commitment, I'm not sure as of now but would adjust as required.


1. COO



Sourav Aggarwal


I am a final year student at UFV in the Marketing and Communications Program. I came here last Fall, and have been a part of the UFV community since day 1.  I am an avid explorer, an extrovert and a full-time volunteer. I have worked with about 10 clubs so far, from time to time. I have a good sense of public demand, a good understanding of all the processes, legal or informal, at UFV. I think, I have contacts with at least 1 person from each department at UFV. I have been working quite actively with different UFV clubs. I am a part of UFV Student Life, Student Engagement Team, UFV India, International Friendship Club, UFV Cascades, UFV International and a volunteer with SUS. I have been, and I am willing to commit more than 10-15 hours each week for these roles.
Since this is my last year at UFV, it will be a very crucial year for me.
- As per my goals for ISA, my foremost strategy is to work actively with other clubs on campus to create a more diverse community, which also involves local (Canadian) students.
- To create some new events for the international community at UFV, so that they can feel at home, being away from home. I plan to do some events during Christmas break, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and alike break times.
- To lobby for international student issues at different departments across UFV.
- To work together with UFV International on the FWB program, and making it a bigger success and an on-going process for the coming years.
- To bring back UFV International's presence to all the events and celebrations, that have disappeared over the past couple of years.

Skills: Creativity, Leadership, Event Planning, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Marketing, Communications, Governance, Work independently, Creativity, Student Support

- I have been working with UFV International as part of AbbyFest Planning Committee, International Student Orientation, Daffodils Day, and other events, which have led me to use all the above skills.
- I have worked with SUS on various events like Week of Welcomes, AfterMath Pub Nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. to raise funding from different departments and students at UFV.
- I am a part of the Student Engagement Team. We are responsible for connecting students with different services at UFV. We are also a part of all events that are organized by Student Life.

1. CEO

2. COO

3. Marketing



Teeranart (Mind) Yangpaiboon


I am a new student, the first smester of business administration. I would like to get to know shcool and people better. Wish I can help and be useful for school, also i may can learn something new for myself too.

Skills: Creativity, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Communications, Work independently, Creativity, Speak Thai

1. Events


3. Marketing


Getting together with other international students. Marketing experience with different multinational organisation for almost 1 year. Have been doing volunteering for DFI(Doha Film Institute) for couple of years, for their Film Festivals.

Skills: Leadership, Event Planning, Volunteer Coordination, Relationship Building, Communications, Work independently

1. Events


3. CEO

4. COO




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