Think Fun Camps

Think Fun Camps are hands-on, activity based camps for curious and creative kids.  In each camp, children play games, explore, and engage in fun projects that encourage them to inquire, think, and problem solve together. Parents know the camps are educational - but the campers are having too much fun to notice!

Think Fun Camps use the internationally accepted, UNESCO endorsed Philosophy for Children (P4C) method of teaching thinking skills to children. The camps are organized by Dr. Susan Gardner, Director of the Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children (VIP4C), and Anastasia Anderson, head of the UFV Philosophy Department with UFV Center for Safe Schools and Communities acting in an advisory capacity.

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Ages 6, 7, 8
Innovation and creation are part of what make childhood a special journey. Children are amazing at vividly engaging in hypothetical worlds only accessible to the imagination. In Mindcrafters, we take children on an amazing journey to a world filled with puzzling robots, Lego empires, and crafts galore! This week is packed-full of engaging activities designed to inspire their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of the real world waiting outside their doors. They will be having so much fun that they may not notice the strong focus on enhancing their reasoning skills in the process. Come and join us in creating a world you'll never forget!

Ages 9, 10, 11
Our world is filled with differences: different people, different food, different sports and games, different clothes, different animals, different abilities, and different ideas. Globe Thoughters is for those who love differences and want to explore, have fun with, and understand these differences! By using games and sports from around the world, dressing up and acting in skits, having special guest visits from people and animals, taking part in ceremonies, listening to music from around the world, walking in other people's shoes, and having different fun, making different friends, and sharing different ideas, campers will come away from Globe Thoughters with a fresh and inspired outlook on what it means to be "different," and that, maybe, we have more in common than we thought.


Ages 6, 7, 8
Get out your best magnifying glass, tweed cap, and silly mustache, because at Difference Detectives it's our job to figure out why the world is so different and how we can have fun with it! Helping us Detectives understand all this difference are some special tools: games, people, and food from around the world; dressing up, theatre, skits, and plays; special guests who may or may not be human; investigating cultures; and just being silly (but also very serious because being a detective is very serious work). Campers will come away from their Detective Duties with a new and excited perspective on what it means to be "different," and maybe learn along the way that we're more alike than we thought.

Ages 9, 10, 11 
The future comes with a lot of questions and, at Mindquesters, we aim to help youth tackle a few of them. Imagine not knowing if your friend was a person or a cleverly disguised robot, imagine recreating this world from scratch and all of a sudden being in control of how it came together. During this week-long journey, we help campers explore their creative capacity in a fictional world purely of their making while simultaneously enhancing their reason skills and engaging their curiosities, ideas, and designs for the coming future of this planet. This camp appeals to a wide range of interests including gamers, Lego enthusiasts, craft fanatics, and sporty youth. Don't let this summer slip into the history books without attending this action-packed journey into the world of Mindquesters!


Camps 1: July 13-17 (9:00-4:00)
Camps 2: July 20-24 (9:00-4:00)
Drop off: 8:30-9:00am
Pick up: 4:00-4:30pm


   Registration Date                      


  Domestic Registration

   $250.00 per week

   International Registration

   $295.00 per week

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