SSI Schedule 2015-2016

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22 January 2016 (Friday)

Linda Pardy, Communications

Who knew it could be done? Research writing in 30 minutes a day

Do you put off your scholarly or research writing?  Many of us have great intentions of engaging in our own scholarly writing, but then marking piles up, committee work sucks up time, and I am not even going to mention the challenge to balance life and family. At this time of year people tend to make some resolutions and for many academics writing more is often one of them. Last summer I joined a group of colleagues and friends who were also challenged to write and we joined a 14 day writing challenge sponsored by the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity The challenge was to write for 30 minutes every day for 14 days in a row. This results were excellent. I wrote two journal articles, one blog post, and drafted a report outline.  I also met some great people! It is a practice I am keeping. So yes marking and life’s responsibilities pile up but I have learned a few tricks that help. Let’s get together and share what is working and help motivate each other to write!

Leonne Beebe, Upgrading and University Preparation

Developing a collaborative approach and methodology for online research

In the BCcampus/SCoPE Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) workshop, the facilitators continually review learner participation, contributions, and feedback in order to inform design and curriculum revisions for future offerings.  Using effective learning activities to help students assess their participation is a critical aspect of student-centred learning, and in FLO, the awarding of participation badges and certificates relies on this practice. The objectives of this study are two-fold: (1) to assess the benefits of using reflective learning activities for online workshop participation assessment and (2) to develop an ethical and easy-to-use online data collection methodology, which could be used for individual and/or collaborative research. In this session I will discuss the steps and challenges involved in the development and the implementation of our collaborative online research methodology model. Audience input and feedback will be invited as a valuable resource.

17 February 2016 (Wednesday)

Researchers from the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies - Collaborating on India Canada research projects: Diaspora, rural economic development, migration, history and performance

18 March 2016 (Friday)

Researchers from the Centre for Education and Research on Aging - Aging research in the Fraser Valley: An interdisciplinary approach

7 April 2016 (Thursday)

Jeff Morgan
, Philosophy - Doubts about autonomy

Michelle LaFlamme, English/Theatre - Visual violence: Corporeality, trauma and the gaze

Sponsored by and with the generous support of: UFV Office of Research Services and UFV’s College of Arts

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