Images of Community ContestThe Images of Community Contest is now closed to entries. Please join us at the Gallery Party on March 23 between 12:30 and 2:30 PM in the foyer of the Envision (south) gym, where all entries will be on display, and winners will be announced.



The Social, Cultural and media Studies department offers courses and degrees in several disciplines. Plese visit the following pages to explore all SCMS has to offer:
Anthropology looks at contemporary and past societies and cultures around the world.
Indo Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary program which examines a diverse area of study about a subcontinent and the Canadian diaspora.
Latin American Studies uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore issues facing developing countries in general and in Latin America in particular.
Media and Communications Studies examines how the media affect individuals, societies, and cultures, and teaches us to critically assess the social implications of media.
Sociology looks how our participation in groups influences the way we look at and confront the challenges of everyday life.
Women's Studies examines women's issues and roles in the community.

These six disciplines, with the other social sciences, help to develop our understanding of contemporary social issues. In other words, they help us understand how and why we live as we do.

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