Senate is the academic governing body at UFV that is responsible for managing academic policies and advising the Board on policies of mutual interest. The business of Senate is supported by the University Secretariat.

2015-2016 meetings

Meeting dates

Agendas and minutes

Process for submissions to Senate and the Senate Governance Committee

Senate members and contact information

2016-2017 Senate membership

Dr. Mark Evered, Senate Chair

Gerry Palmer, Senate Vice-Chair
604-504-7441 x4196

Al Wiseman, University Secretary

Lisa McMartin, Assistant to the University Secretary
604-504-7441 x5114


» 2016-17 Sessional Dates
» Senate Information Manual 2016-17
» Process for submissions to Senate and the Senate Governance Committee
» Guidelines for in-camera meetings
» UFV Policies and Policy Development
» Senate Bylaws
» Senate policies & procedure review and approval process
» BPD-235 Board and Senate Relationships
» BRP-235.04 Delegation of Authority on Academic Matters
» UFV Strategic Directions

» Institutional Accountability Report and Plan

»  UFV Institutitutional Accountability Update 2013-14 - 2015-16

» 2011-2015 Education Plan
» 2012 Update to the Education Plan
» 2013-14 Update to the Education
» 2014-15 Education Plan Update

» Strategic Enrolment Management Plan 2014-2019

» 2010-15 Strategic Research Plan
» University Act


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