Steps to becoming a UUP Student


Book an Appointment

To book an appointment you can request a time using the online booking option or contacting the UUP office nearest you. At the appointment your educational goals and options will be discussed. It is recommended that you bring along a copy of your high school transcript. During the appointment you may complete an Application for Admissions to the ABE or ABEUP program and schedule a time for the assessment.

Apply for Admission ‌

This is usually done during your appointment, however you can also apply Online, or by printing an Application for Admissions filling it out and bringing it to the UUP office nearest you.

Once you have completed the Application for Admissions you can then drop it off at OReg. This can be done at any campus. You will need to apply before you can take the assessment or register into courses.‌


UUP Assessment

An assessment may be required for new or current students who have applied to the ABE or ABEUP program before course selection and registration can be completed. The assessment is designed to help determine which UUP courses you can enrol into.



The timetable is used to select which course offering you would like to register into. Once you have made your course selections you can register online with your myufv account. If you have any problems with your registration you can visit or call any OReg office or UUP office. When you have registered you can confirm your course selections and view your timetable in your myufv account.

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