Our mission is to develop critical thinking, scientific literacy, numerical proficiency, and analytical abilities among an increasingly diverse profile of lifelong learners from the Fraser Valley, Canada, and the world, and to do this through high levels of engagement among faculty and students, continued community outreach, excellence in teaching, research, and practical skills training.


The Faculty of Science at UFV

  • strives to create learners who are scientifically and numerically literate with sharp analytical and critical thinking abilities, who can contribute positively to society and the workplace,
  • seeks to shape an environment in which students and faculty identify, understand and work to solve pressing environmental, health, and technological problems,  
  • remains committed to experiential learning and community outreach, and multi-modal educational delivery, be it in the classroom, laboratory, field, on-line, or through independent research.

Faculty of Science

‌The Faculty of Science is organized into five academic departments (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems,  Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics), offering a wide range of innovative programs that allow our students to choose diverse and exciting academic and professional careers. 

‌‌‌‌As a student at UFV, you will have the opportunity to discover science hands-on, participate in numerous lab and field-intensive courses, and build an appreciation for your future through our integrated science co-operative education (“Co-op”) program. We are developing overseas study tours in Latin America, Hawaii and possibly ‌Asia.  Our undergraduate honours degree offers you early exposure to innovative and cutting-edge research. You will also benefit from peer-to-peer learning and unequalled access to faculty in our small classes.

This is an exciting time to join us at UFV.  The importance and impact of science is expanding and growing both here and globally. Join our faculty in tackling real challenges faced by society today and help develop new solutions to old problems.  As a scientist you can help shape our future! 


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