Cascade Cash Refunds

Refunds are issued to students who have withdrawn from UFV or to GRADS who have completed their studies.

     Refunds are only issued to the cardholder.
  Fill out the Cascade Refund Form.
Remaining balances of less than $25 are forfeited. 
  An administration fee of $25 applies to the Cascade Cash account to process the refund request.
No additional fees apply to deposit refunds into a US or Canadian bank account. Fill out the US & Canada Wire Transfer Form.
  An additional $50 processing fee applies to deposit refunds into an international bank account. Fill out the International Wire Transfer Form.
  If you live in residence fill out the Cascade Refund Form and indicate the date you would like the remaining balance transferred to your resident account. Resident Services reconciles remaining Cascade Cash and resident fees owing to you into one refund.
  Bring both completed forms to the Campus Card Office, in person. Provide ID such as your Campus Card, driver's license, BCID card, or passport.
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