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Bachelor of Science in Nursing‌

Why earn a degree in nursing?

How will UFV prepare me for my career?

What type of career can I expect?

I'm already an LPN; can I get more from my career?

Can I get academic credit for skills and knowledge that I gained in my life so far?

Is there anything else?

Where will my classes be held?

What is the program like?

When should I apply?

Sounds good. What do I do now?

How much will it cost? Can I afford it?

How long will I study before I can earn a degree?

What else do I need to know?

What kind of assistance is there to help me adjust?

I'm not sure that this program is for me. Can I speak with someone about my options?

Why earn a degree in nursing? ‌
Every day we hear about our aging population, or a breakthrough in health science research, or a touching story about somebody battling illness. Those stories pique your curiosity and you’ve always been interested in a career in the health care sector. UFV can start you on a path to a profession where you can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

How will UFV prepare me for my career?
‌UFV’s Nursing degree program offers instruction in nursing, health sciences, social sciences, research, and an opportunity for individual focus in a variety of areas.

We offer three degree options:
BSN — a four-year program
BSN — a three-year fast track program
BSN-LPN Access — This program allows Licensed Practical Nurses to bridge into the second year of the nursing program.

UFV’s program is approved by the College of Registered Nurses of B.C. Upon graduation you will be eligible to successfully write the registration examinations, which will allow you to practise as a registered nurse.

Because you have a life, UFV provides course delivery options that are flexible wherever possible and include independent study, lectures, seminars, multimedia approaches, and simulation in labs and tutorials. During the clinical experiences you will work in hospitals and community agencies with supervised practica, preceptorships, and observational experiences. Keep in mind that clinical experience may include extended work days, evening shifts, and weekends. Again, this will prepare you for eventual work in a health care setting.

What type of career can I expect? 
That depends on you and where you want to take your career. UFV’s Nursing degree program is designed to meet your needs and will prepare you for a career in health care. Recent health care reforms launched by the provincial government emphasize health promotion, disease prevention, and community-based health care. These changes mean new opportunities for today’s UFV nursing grads, who are recognized as major contributors to health care reform. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to practise in hospitals or in the community — and at many different levels. UFV’s BSN program is designed to prepare you to be an effective and professional nurse in an evolving health care environment.

I'm already an LPN; can I get more from my career?
Absolutely! UFV recognizes that careers change and evolve and that’s why we introduced Licensed Practical Nursing Access to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. This access option will present you with an opportunity as a licensed practical nurse to bridge into our Nursing program and lead you toward that degree you’ve been dreaming about. The LPN Access option is available starting in the third semester of the BSN program.

Can I get academic credit for the skills and knowledge that I have gained in my life so far?
Yes. UFV offers Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), a flexible assessment process that evaluates your experiential learning (what you already know and can do) for post-secondary credit. Experiential learning includes independent study, volunteer activities, non-credit courses, workplace learning, and military service. To find out more, check out the PLAR website at or email

Is there anything else?
Once prerequisites have been met, you will be sent a letter acknowledging your “complete” status. Each spring and fall complete applicants are invited to attend information sessions. You will write an application essay at that time. An individual interview with program faculty will be arranged with you. Additional forms will be enclosed with the invitations and should be completed and returned to the nursing department.

The forms include:

  • a health assessment
  • an immunization record. Hepatitis B immunization will be provided upon entry into the program if you haven’t already been immunized
  • a criminal record check
  • If English is not your first language, you might be required to successfully complete UFV’s ESL Advanced Speaking/Listening and Writing course 

Where will my classes be held?
The nursing program is delivered on UFV’s Chilliwack campus at the Canada Education Park.

What is the program like?
A full description of the courses taken in the three BSN options is available in the UFV calendar.

When should I apply?
You may apply at any time; however, if you plan to start your studies in September, your complete application should be received by January 31. If you plan to start your studies in January, your complete application should be received by August 15. Applications received after these deadlines will be considered if space is still available.

Follow this link to the Download Centre to find the application forms you will need.

Sounds good. What do I do now?

Click on the Download Centre on the right of this screen and you will find pdf copies of all the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program forms you will need. You should then fill out the application forms and submit them along with the required documents and the $45 application fee, to the Office of the Registrar at any UFV centre or through the internet at

How much will it cost? Can I afford it?
Your fees are calculated based on a fee-per-credit basis. Course credits for the Nursing program are approximately 12-17 credits per semester. You should note that the majority of books and supplies are purchased in the first semester. Textbooks and supplies for the first semester total about $2,900. Additional textbooks will be required throughout the program. Parking fees are required at some clinical placement agencies.

UFV has a comprehensive financial assistance program including scholarships, loans, and bursaries. You can get all the details from Student Financial Aid Services. You can also download a helpful budget planning worksheet at .

How long will I study before I can earn a degree?
For the basic degree student there are two program options available to you — either three or four years. The four-year option has two intakes each year, one in September and one in January. The three-year option occurs only in September. For LPN Access applicants there is one program intake in September. Applicants accepted into this program will complete the degree in two years.

What else do I need to know?
All Nursing and Health Science classes are taught at the Chilliwack campus. As a program student, you will receive a UFV Nursing Program Student Guidelines and Policies manual, which further explains the requirements of our program. Clinical experiences occur at a number of agencies throughout the Fraser Valley and you will be responsible for your own transportation to these locations.
It’s also important to point out that UFV’s Nursing program is demanding. We ask a lot of our students and if you are taking a full course load, you will not have time to work either full-time or part-time.

You need to assess if you are fit for nursing by considering the skills and abilities required of a nurse. These can be determined by reviewing the College of Registered Nurses British Columbia at

What kind of assistance is there to help me adjust?
Please visit to learn about the broad range of services designed to help you learn about and adjust to the university environment.

I’m not sure that this program is for me. Can I speak with someone about my options?
Absolutely. We’d love to hear from you. If you’re unsure of your direction, contact Student Services at 1-888-504-7441 to connect with an educational advisor, or arrange for career counselling. Also, feel free to contact our Health Sciences centre, located on the Chilliwack campus at 604-795-2841, to speak with someone in the department who can answer more of your questions.

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