Data Analysis Post-Degree Certificate

The world is awash in data; currently there are some 500 billion gigabytes stored, an amount that doubles every 18 months. But data is only useful if it is turned into information. That's the job of a data analyst.

Data analysis is the science of correctly collecting data, assessing it for trustworthiness, extracting information from it, and presenting it in a comprehensible informative way. These skills are vital to institutions such as government, business, or health care where sound decisions must be made based on data and the way it is interpreted.

Careers in Data Analysis

Many Canadian and local employers are looking for people with data analysis skills. The Globe and Mail wrote an article that does a good job of summarizing the many opportunities available.

The post-degree certificate builds on the skills and knowledge you have already acquired in earning your first degree allowing you to employ them fully in modern data-driven enterprise. The combination of your degree background and your data analysis skills can make you an attractive employee.

Data Analysis at UFV

As a data analysis student at UFV you will acquire the skills needed to extract reliable information from large data sets. With carefully designed courses taken in both computing and statistics, you will gain the data-base skills you need to house, extract, manipulate and maintain data in the real-world ways in which it arises and you will learn the statistical techniques needed to collect data correctly, assess its quality, analyze it, and present the information effectively to decision makers. The industry standard statistical software environments SAS and R will be used throughout.

You can begin the program and earn the certificate in about 10 months, beginning in September and finishing in mid-June.

For more information, including entrance requirements, fees, and how to apply, visit the Academic Calendar.  

For more information about when the program's statistics courses will be offered, see the (tentative) upper level Math and Stats Course Schedule.  

What if I am Still Working on My First Degree?

You can take the certificate courses along with the courses you are currently taking for your degree, and formally enter the program later. In that case it will likely take you longer than one year to complete the certificate.

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