Daily pay parking may be purchased from ticket meters located throughout the Abbotsford campus and Canada Education Park campus or you can pay-by-phone.

Remember your stall number when parking.  It is required when making payment.  It is not necessary to display a receipt on your dashboard.

No in/out privileges on campus or between campuses when daily pay parking (meter or by phone).

Eliminate the hassle of buying daily parking.  Consider a long-term parking student e-permit or an employee permit.

Meter Rates

  • Hourly: $1.00 for every 2-hour period

  • Short-term visitor: $0.50 for every 15-minute period (up to a maximum of 1-hour)

  • Be sure to have exact change as the ticket meters do not give change, or pay-by-phone

  • Ticket meter locations

Snow Days

Can't tell what stall you're in because of snow and slush, pay for parking at any ticket meter and (enter stall 001), and display the receipt on your dash.


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Arena Overflow 2293
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