Note: It has been reported that employees have experienced problems purchasing permits online due to browser incompatibility issues.  Please try using an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Google Chrome, or Mozilla FireFox when trying to order online.

Purchase an employee permit online at myUFV.  In the "Home tab" under "myUFV Records Services", click on "Employee Information".

Permanent employee parking monthly payroll deduction:

Non-permanent employee (temporary employee by time sheet, sessional or term employment):

  • Automatic deductions for non-permanent employees was discontinued as of July 30, 2013.
  • Non-permanent employees may purchase an e-permit online at myUFV.  In the "Home tab" under "myUFV Records Services", click on "Employee Information".
  • Payment is accepted via your credit card only.

  • One license plate per permit can be registered.

  • Park in designated lots and stalls.  See campus parking maps for Abbotsford campus and Canada Education Park campus designated employee parking areas. 

  • Employee permits are valid on the Abbotsford campus and Canada Education Park campus.

  • Employee permits are not valid on city streets, or at AC's Student/Public Early Bird and Overflow parking lots.

  • Visit the Pay Parking web site for more info: News Bulletin


The parking rate structure is based on an annual rate of $300.  This rate was calculated to exclude parking as a taxable benefit for employees at UFV. 

In order to temporarily cancel (with the intent to later re-instate) automated payroll deductions for parking, one of the following situations must be applicable:

  • Planned maternity leave in excess of 4-months;
  • Planned educational or sabbatical leave in excess of 4-months;
  • Approved long-term disability (LTD) medical leave.

The above reasons to cancel the automated payroll deductions for parking will require the permit holder to relinquish their hanging parking permit to Facilities Services (B150) prior to the suspension of automated payroll deductions. Verification and confirmation of the cancellation will be maintained through the communication streams between Facilities Services and Finance.

The following list of reasons for the cancellation of the automated payroll deductions for parking ARE NOT eligible:

  • Short-term disability (STD) leaves
  • Annual Vacation or Banked Time Off
  • Leave of Absence (short-term)
  • Utilizing alternative modes of transportation depending on season (bike, motorcycle, bus)


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