Become a crane operator

Become a crane operator

A surprising number of industries rely on crane operators to lift, move and place heavy loads in strategic locations.  From forestry to mining, warehouses to rail yards, construction to utilities, there is a need for skilled crane operators to help with the heavy lifting.

Trained operators work efficiently and safely. They boost crew productivity and reduce injuries. Their skills are so valued on the job site that average salaries in this occupation tend to be higher than other trades.

Offered in collaboration with Bigfoot Crane, UFV's eight-week Crane Operator program (for Stiff Boom 40 tonnes & Under) is your entry point into the profession. You train on real cranes with experienced instructors who know the ropes and have industry experience.

After eight weeks, you write your Level A Certification assessment. Upon passing the assessment, you become a certified Stiff Boom 40 Tonnes and Under Level A crane operator (no supervision restrictions).

To maximize the quality of training, class size is limited to four. Apply soon to reserve your seat. 

Career outlook

According to the BC Trades Outlook 2010-2020, the demand for skilled trade workers will outpace the number of workers by 2016. As key sectors such as infrastructure, oil, gas, and mining expand in the next decade, the need for crane operators will continue to grow. In addition, large numbers of older workers will retire, opening up opportunities for trained crane operators.

After you are certified as a crane operator, you may submit an application to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) and register as an apprentice for a larger crane type.