All over the world, the art of cooking is a valued skill

That is why mastering the culinary arts can open many doors locally and internationally. 

Culinary arts professionals can work anywhere from cruise ships to exclusive resorts; from safari tours to movie sets; or from oil drilling platforms to mountain park lodges. If you land a job in the tourism industry you may both work and enjoy leisure activities in some of the world's top travel destinations. Or you may find employment closer to home in a restaurant, hotel, catering company, or institutional facility.

At UFV, you learn how to make the best out of your ingredients and master the art of kitchen management. You apply what you learn in our Rivers' Dining Room, under the supervision of highly qualified professional chefs. You undergo the rigorous training necessary to perform in any kitchen, while also receiving the encouragement you need to follow your passion and develop your own set of specialties and tested recipes.

When you start the UFV ten-month certificate in Culinary Arts, you are registered as an apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).  Upon successful completion of all requirements, you are eligible to write both the Professional Cook One and Professional Cook Two Certificate of Qualification exams.

time tested recipes
time tested recipes

Career outlook

According to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey, employment in all of the trade occupations is expected to enjoy yearly growth up to 2020, with the strongest growth expected from chefs and cooks.

To diversify your employment opportunities, you may wish to combine your skills as a culinary artist with an Hospitality Event Planning certificate. Restaurant management and food services skills combined with tourism and hospitality training  are assets for chefs who want to open their own establishment or be promoted to management positions.

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