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Inquiry Learning Linking Research and Teaching in a Teaching-Intensive University

The Campus 2020 Report, and the vision that is being proposed for the future of our institution, cause us all to reflect on the role of research in a teaching-intensive university. Does a teaching-intensive university approach research differently? How does it integrate teaching and research? Is there something distinctive about how a teaching-intensive institution integrates research and teaching?

Indirect Costs Program Public Disclosure

The Indirect Costs Program helps Canadian postsecondary institutions with the hidden costs of research. The program underwent an evaluation in 2009. This evaluation confirmed that the funds address an important need, and the program has produced positive outcomes; however, the evaluation also highlighed a lack of awareness of the program in the public sphere. With this public disclosure document it is hoped that researchers, students, communities, and elected officials will become aware of the full costs (direct and indirect) of research and understand how important the ICP is in helping institutions with these costs.

A full description of the program can be found here.

Click here for the ICP Public Disclosure Statement for 2012-13

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