Student Research Day Poster Presentations


Did you hear the buzz?

On April 10 the UFV Research Office hosted its annual Student Research Day Poster Presentations providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to share their research.

More than 30 students took this chance to talk one-on-one with faculty and students about their exciting research projects!

In addition to showcasing the hard work of students spanning a cross-section of disciplines, participants also competed for scholarship awards between $150-200.

Engagement in research and events such as this can help students obtain scholarships, awards, and graduate school positions. Student research contributes to UFV's strategic goals of providing "the best undergraduate education in Canada."

 Event Photos

Student Participant List 

Award Winners 2014

Provost & VP Academic $200
Meagan Beatty, Chemistry
Uncovering the truth about nitro-pyrroles while synthesizing a macrocyclic anion receptor
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Cory Beshara

AVP Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies $200
Tracey Heron, Geography
Recent landscape disturbance recorded in sediments beneath a small lake in the Fraser Lowland of British Columbia
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Hughes & Dr. Daniel Selbie

Tracey Heron, Award Recipient

Dean of Faculty Science $150
Kevin Janz, Biology
Pyrethroid insecticides inhibit the electron transport chain in mammalian mitochondria
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Stea

Dean of College of Arts $150
Libby Griffin, Environmental Communications
The importance of street trees in Abbotsford, BC
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Riedlinger & Dr. Mariano Mapili

Dean of Faculty of Professional Studies $150
Harjyot Samra, Business
Student motivations for engaging in Research
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Marcella La Fever

Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences $150
Kamaldeep Gill, Kinesiology & Physical Education
Effects of a strength based motor skill development program on a test of executive function of children with FASD
Faculty Supervisor: Alison Pritchard-Orr, MSc

Vice Provost & AVP Academic $150
Nicole Wierks, Biology
Prevalence of genetically modified components in cereals in the Canadian marketplace
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Stea

AVP Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies $150
Nastasha Mol, Visual Arts
Learned compassion
Faculty Supervisor: Grace Tsurumaru, MFA

  2013 Poster Presentation

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