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The CCR provides UFV students with an official transcript for their out-of-class involvement on campus. As an integral part of our students' learning, you can register your engagemen‌t and volunteer opportunities with the Co-Curricular Record [CCR] and help students develop a record they can use in conjunction with their résumés and career or academic portfolios.

All positions submitted to the CCR require a validator. Validators must be a UFV staff or faculty member. Validators are responsible for approving or declining students' validation requests, based on participation and achievement of pre-set UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes associated with the CCR position. Students must have put in a minimum of 20 hours over the pre-determined time period [see below]. Students may submit requests at any time during the time period but do not require validation until the time period has ended. When the student submits a Request for Validation the listed Validator will receive notification via email. Please be sure to validate by the Validation Deadline. ‌‌‌

Why not have a 15 minute presentation at your department meeting? If you are interested in having a CCR staff give a brief overview on how to get started, please send us an email request to Be sure to include the date/time that works best for you.



You may receive validation requests throughout the academic year, however, validation is not immediately required. Validators may choose to wait until the end date of the activity, when the position is complete, even though the student has acheived their 20 hours. 

Time Period Validation Deadline
September - April May 15
May - August September 15

It is the Validators sole responsibility to track hours and to validate that the student has met all criteria associated with the position. For full criteria details, please refer to the FAQs.

‌If you have an opportunity in your area, please submit an Activity Request. This is done within the CCR software [step-by-step guide below]. Your request will be reviewed by the CCR ‌Review Committee and you will receive notification via email with the outcome.

Review the CCR Guide for Staff and Faculty  for a step-by-step walk-through.



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