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UFV student ID number

UFV student ID number

Your nine-digit student ID number is your unique identifier at UFV, giving you access to university services and information. A student ID number is assigned to you when you apply to UFV, and is included on all letters sent to you by UFV Office of the Registrar. It is also recorded on your campus ID card, which you are required to obtain at the start of each year.

You'll need to know your student ID number in order to log in to myUFV where you can register for courses, pay fees, access your UFV student email account, and more. Keep your student ID number secure and confidential so that only you can access your student record.

What do I do if I have lost or misplaced my student number?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your student ID number, you can fax or mail a signed request to the Office of the Registrar. Please include your name, birth date, address, and phone number. Alternately, you can call us at 604.854.4501 or in person at any Office of the Registrar. A government-issued photo ID will be required.


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Obtain your final grades for the current semester, as well as previous courses, grades, and test scores, through myUFV. Final grades are not mailed, except by request.

Fall semester grades should be available by early January. Winter semester grades should be available by the end of April. Summer semester grades should be available by late August.

The UFV Grading System can be viewed under UFV Policies at the University Secretariat page under 101.

If you disagree with the grade you receive, you may appeal it. See the Academic Appeal Guide for details.

A course and accompanying grade may not be deleted from the permanent record, except as follows:

  • An instructor may change the grade of a student with the consent of the appropriate dean.
  • A late withdrawal may be granted in extenuating circumstances. If granted, a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) is assigned. See Course Withdrawal 

Note: Although grades for all attempted courses remain on the student’s permanent record, only the higher grade of a repeated course is calculated into the GPA.


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Course Numbering

A consistent numbering system is used at UFV.  The course number indicates the course level, as follows:

Less than 100: Pre-undergraduate level (preparatory or developmental)

100 – 199:        Undergraduate (post-secondary), first year (lower level)

200 – 299:        Undergraduate, second year (lower level)

300 – 399:        Undergraduate, third year (upper level)

400 – 499:        Undergraduate, fourth year (upper level)

500 – 599:        Post-baccalaureate (not graduate level)

600 and above: Graduate degree level courses  

 Three digit numbers are not used for Continuing Education non-credit courses.

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Your transcript is your official record of courses taken and grades earned.

An official transcript will be needed if you are transferring to another institution. We recommend that you order transcripts to be sent directly to the institution whenever possible. 

Transcript production and availability

Transcripts are produced in Chilliwack. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for transcripts to be processed. Make sure to allow for processing and delivery time.

Ordering a transcript

Transcripts for student pick up on Abbotsford, Mission or Chilliwack campuses or standard mail delivery may now be ordered online through myUFV.


You can make a request to any of the OReg offices by any of the following methods: 

*This option is only available if you want your transcript to be sent directly to another BC public post-secondary institution.

Download a Transcript Request form (pdf).

Picture ID is required in order to pick up transcripts. If a 3rd party will be picking up your transcript, please ensure you have completed the “3rd Party Authorization” section of the request form and that they have picture ID.


Transcripts are $10.00 per copy.

Additional charges apply for increased services:

  • Faxed transcript: $10.00 additional fee
  • Rush (next day service): $15.00 additional fee
  • Courier:
      • Within Canada - $25
      • USA - $30
      • International - $35

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Change of address

Address changes can be submitted through myUFV or by completing a Student Address Change form (pdf) and submitting it, with a signature, to one of the OReg offices.


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Name change

If your name has been legally changed, please submit a completed Student Name Change form (pdf) to the Office of the Registrar along with the following supporting documentation:

A copy of your name change document (marriage certificate or legal name change document). If you bring in the original, we will make a copy.


A piece of government-issued ID in your new name (preferably a driver's license, passport, or other ID with a picture and signature).


If you cannot locate your name change document, we will accept two pieces of government-issued ID in your new name.


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What is a T2202A?

A T2202A contains the amount of eligible tuition and/or fees you have paid for the tax year. It also includes the number of months a student was registered in full or part-time studies.


T2202A's will not be mailed. T2202A's will be available online at the end of February for the previous tax year on your myUFV. Login and make the following selections: 

» Student Information
» Student Services
» Canadian Tax Forms
» T2202A Tax Credit Form


Below is an outline of eligible tuition and education amounts as outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency. Click the following links for more information on Tuition Tax Credit and Education Tax Credits.


Eligible Tuition Fees 

To qualify courses must:

  • Have been taken in the calendar year
  • Be at a postsecondary level  (ESL and Upgrading do not qualify)
  • Have tuition more than $100 

Eligible tuition fees include:

  • admission fees;
  • charges for use of library or laboratory facilities;
  • exemption fees;
  • examination fees (including re-reading charges) that are integral to a program of study;
  • application fees (but only if the student subsequently enrolls in the institution);
  • confirmation fees;
  • charges for a certificate, diploma or degree;
  • membership or seminar fees that are specifically related to an academic program and its administration;
  • mandatory computer service fees; and
  • academic fees.

Non-eligible fees:

  • student social activities;
  • medical expenses;
  • transportation and parking;
  • board and lodging;
  • goods of enduring value that are to be retained by students (e.g. microscope, uniform, gown, computer, etc.);
  • initiation fees or entrance fees to professional organizations including examination fees or other fees (such as evaluation fees) that are not integral to a program of study at an eligible educational institution;
  • administrative penalties incurred when a student withdraws from a program or an institution; and
  • the cost of books (other than books, compact disks or similar material included in the cost of a correspondence course when the student is enrolled in such a course given by an eligible institution in Canada


Eligible Education Amount

You can claim only one education amount for each month: either full-time or part-time.

Full time:

Students are considered full time for each month they are registered in a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 10 hours of instruction or work (not including study time)

Part time:

Students can claim part time for each month they are registered in a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires a minimum of 12 hours a month (not including study time)


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Enrolment verification

If you require verification of your enrolment status in order to access your Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), scholarship plan (eg. CST, USC, Heritage), or Canada Pension Plan disability benefits, please contact any OReg office. A $10 fee will apply to any request submitted, beginning September 1, 2008.

Note: CPP disability benefits forms cannot be completed until classes begin.


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Release of information

UFV requires signed authorization by the student before any information about a student is released to a third party. Please complete all information on the Release of Information form (pdf) and sign that you authorize University of the Fraser Valley to release your selected information. Note that the maximum life span of a release form is one (1) year.


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Aboriginal student self-identification

At UFV, students of Aboriginal ancestry can choose to self-identify so that they may benefit from supportive programs and services. By doing so, students also enable UFV to identify, review, and analyze data that will contribute to improved programs and services for Aboriginal learners. More info...


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