The BC Regional Innovation Chair on Canada-India Business and Economic Development helps businesses in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland region take advantage of the opportunities offered by the huge Indian market. The Chair, with support from the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at UFV, provides local businesses with the expertise and research necessary for them to access the fast-growing Indian economy and other overseas markets.

The Chair was established in 2007. The Province of British Columbia (Leading Edge Endowment Fund) provided a $1.25 million contribution which was matched by contributions from hundreds of supporters from the community to bring the total endowment to the Chair to $2.5 million. 

The Chair’s Statement

As the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Trade and Economic Development, I welcome you to the Chair’s website. The Chair seeks to build multi-faceted relations between Canada and India. Building upon the pre-existent connections between the two countries, and working with business and community actors in the Fraser Valley and the surrounding communities of the Lower Mainland, the Chair strives to achieve the following major objectives:

1) To provide business and economic expertise to businesses and community actors in both the countries to build business and economic connections with a goal of furthering economic development. Services include provision of macroeconomic information on capital flows; market intelligence on specific economic sectors and the main economic actors involved in these sectors; referral services for possible linkages to build business connections.

2) To provide expert knowledge on political and cultural context for doing business in the two countries. Given the need for closing the cultural gap that attends any transnational business dealing, a deeper cultural knowledge and an appreciation of political context facilitates smoother transactions.

3) To build community linkages between the two countries based on working with community groups, NGOs, and other civil society actors in the two countries. Since the relationship is based concretely between the two countries on the presence of diasporic communities, especially the Indo-Canadian community in Canada, an important part of the Chair’s mission is to involve and build upon the pre-existent diasporic linkages between the two countries.

I invite you to get in touch if you are interested in building business, economic and community connections between Canada and India.


Amandeep Sandhu


Amandeep Sandhu



You are invited to attend the Research Lecture Series featuring Dr. Amandeep Sandhu
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Amandeep April 9th








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