Agriculture and Horticulture programs

Keeping Your Flock Healthy
This course is intended for owners of small flocks who wish to learn more about diseases in poultry, including its spread and prevention. Content will include the recognition of common diseases, methods that can be taken to prevent their entry into the flock, and actions that can be followed if they appear. There is no course fee but enrollment is limited. This course is funded Growing Forward 2, a federal–provincial–territorial initiative.

(20094 AGH AN13 A9A) 4 sessions, Thurs, 6:30–8 pm, no fee. Starts Feb 6

Front Yard Garden Design
First impressions are important, so give your front yard some curb appeal! You can change the way you use and view your property with a well thought out front yard design. Topics include plant selection, framing, and screening.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20123 AGH GD02 A9A) Nancy Moore, 1 session, Thu, 6:30–9 pm, $45. Apr 3

Back Yard Garden Design
Back yards are made for living. With some fresh and creative ideas, you can turn your back yard into a functional and enjoyable place to be. Topics include defining use areas, decks and patios, and interesting planting beds.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20131 AGH GD04 A9A) Nancy Moore, 1 session, Thu, 6:30–9 pm, $45. Apr 10

Vegetable Garden Basics
Growing your own vegetables is fun, easy and very rewarding. Whether it’s on your own city lot, your deck or in a community garden, there are many ways to grow your own produce. This class covers types of planting beds and how to prepare them, seeding and transplanting, on-going garden care, and problem solving.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20124 AGH GRD64 A9A) Nancy Moore, 1 session, Thu, 7–9 pm, $35. Apr 17

Troubleshooting in the Garden
Ever wonder why your plants aren’t thriving? Or worse, why they’re dying? This class covers horticultural problems from weather and soil conditions top nutritional and garden pests. By figuring out what went (or is going) wrong, perhaps you can prevent it from happening again.

ABBOTSFORD — Clearbrook centre
(20126 AGH LND19 A9A) Nancy Moore, 1 session, Thu, 7–9 pm, $35. Apr 24

MarketSafe is a food safety training program for farmers and producers who make, bake or grow products to sell at local farmers’ markets, farm gates or other types of temporary food markets. MarketSafe was developed by the BC FOODSAFE Secretariat in partnership with the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets, and is supported by the Regional Health Authorities, the BC Centre for Disease Control, and the BC Ministry of

(20115 AGH BUS06 A9A) Annette Moore, 1 session, Sat, 9 am–4 pm, $95. Feb 22

Aquaponic Food Production
Aquaponic Food production is an exciting gardening innovation that combines hydroponics and aquaculture to create a sustainable organic garden in which fish and plants rely on each other to grow. This method of gardening has been used for years in hot climates such as Australia, the Virgin Islands, and the Southern United States. Aquaponic greenhouse systems in Canada are a very new technology. This gardening innovation can be used in backyard gardens, or scaled up for market gardeners and commercial greenhouse growers. Learn about aquaponics with some of British Columbia’s aquaponic pioneers! Saturday will be a visit to a aquaponic facility.

Hope centre
(20247 AGH PRD24 H9A) Stephanie Hooker, 2 sessions, Thu, 6:30–9 pm and Sat 1–4 pm, $69. Starts Mar 13

Pruning Workshop
This six-hour hands-on workshop will cover basic pruning techniques applicable to a wide variety of plant material. You will work on different trees, ornamental shrubs, and a fruit tree. Dress for the weather and bring your own pruners such as secateurs or loppers.

(20161 AGH PRU03 A9A) Jennifer Ryan, 1 session, Sat, 10 am–4 pm, $79. Feb 1

Pesticide Applicators Certificate -Landscape                                                                                                                                                                                      
Prepare to write the Provincial Pesticide applicator’s certification examination for landscape general. Exam will be written on the final day of classes and the exam fee is included in the course fee. Students must purchase the following books for the first day of class:
• Canadian Pesticide Education Program Applicator Core Manual, British Columbia Edition: 2011
• Supplementary Information for Landscape Pesticide Applicator Certification: 2011
• Integrated Pest Management Manual for Landscape Pests in B.C.: 2005 is the most recent edition, the 2000 edition is also acceptable.
Books can be purchased from the UFV Bookstore.                 

ABBOTSFORD-Clearbrook Centre                                                                                                                                                                                                     
(20331 AGH PST21 A9A) Art Guite, 7 sessions, Tues, Thurs, 6:30-9:30 pm, $395. Starts Mar 18  

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