Poster Guidelines For PowerPoint

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • On the Design tab, click on Page Setup, the choose Custom on the Slides sized for: dropdown menu and choose the width and height. 
  • Maximum width 107 cm.
  • Use the Insert tab to add images and text.
  • Use a Text Box to more easily shift and place items where needed.
  • Use standard Windows fonts.
  • Use graphs and images to make your display more interesting and varied for your viewer.
  • Find good quality, high resolution images.  Images from the web will rarely be of good quality.  Try to find alternative images from other sources.  Making your own high end scans can work well.  If you don't have access to a scanner, ETS has scanners in our computer lab.
  • Use colour with consideration.
  • Cost: Between $20 and $30 for 59 cm by 90 cm (2x3 feet).


  • We do not correct any spelling mistakes.
  • You are responsible for all formatting.
  • We do not change the design, the size or the format of the poster.
  • Allow 5 working days for the poster to be printed.
  • Please come in to ETS in G104 to submit your printing requests.

Tip: You may want to print out a small version of the poster in order to view the overall design (and perhaps save a costly mistake).

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