Student Research Day - April 7

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Several Geography students participated with Audrey Faber winning the College of Arts Award for $150. Congratulations Audrey!

Her topic: Investigation into the Possible Effects of Agriculture on the Geochemistry     of Willband Creek, Abbotsford, BC.

Congratulations to all GATE students who participated:

Madelaine Bourdages, Ellen Clemence, Audrey Faber, Harman Gill, Alexandra Groeneweg, Christian Parr, Alanna Strangway, Donovan Toews

Tyler Blackman participated in the Student Microlectures in the Road Runner Lounge. Thank you for your participation! Check out the photos.

The student Micro Lectures and Poster Presentations gave us a chance to learn about the variety and depth of student research being conducted at UFV.

UFV Students Attend the 2016 Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference in Prince George

Eighteen GATE students, three faculty (Claire Hay, Steve Marsh and Terah Sportel) and our department assistant, Myra Hughes, travelled to Prince George to attend the annual meeting of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers (WDCAG) hosted by the Geography program at UNBC. 

At the meeting, students participated in a variety of field trips and attended a keynote presentation by Dr. Charles Helm on the UNESCO Global Geopark at Tumbler Ridge.  On Saturday, ten GATE students presented the findings of their research.  Posters were presented by Christian Parr, Shae Turner, Shyna Kanda, Karanjit Puri, Ellen Clemence, Audrey Faber, Alanna Strangway, Madelaine Bourdages and Alex Groeneweg (Toner).  Tyler Blackman gave an oral presentation titled “The Canadian Farm Workers Union: social movements and labour arrangements.” and won the Best BA Undergraduate Presentation award. 

All of our GATE student presenters did an excellent job.  The conference ended with a banquet and dancing.  While in Prince George, we experienced wild and wacky winter weather from warm, sunny days to blizzards and wind storms! 

To view photos of our northern adventures, click on this link

‌Several students went on an ice hike in Eskers Provincial Park (pictured at left - photo provided by Harman Gill).

View the posters. Watch the slide show!


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution‌

What an adventure! Two UFV students are spending 7 weeks at the  famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution near Boston.

This is what Audrey Faber writes on her blog...We walk in the  lobby  and there are large pictures of ice floes with barely  noticeable ships that were WHOI research vessels. An amazing  piece of pillow lava which was sliced open and polished is on  display.

Ellen Clemence writes ... During our stay here we are planning to attend as many seminars as possible. The latest one we attended looked at light-activated bioluminescent organisms around hydrothermal vents. I had no idea there were bioluminescent organisms that could be triggered with light. The ‌best part of the talk was how much the presenter loved what he was doing and the passion he had for it. He had a CV that could wrap around the globe, but he still had that little kid in a candy store kind of excitement when he talked about seeing a tiny split second flash of light in a 5 minute video filmed hundreds of meters below the surface of the ocean. Read more

Apartment where students are housed.

Internship Update

The program currently places interns in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Interns - Curtis, Sydney and Aneesha at Mbudya Beach, Tanzania.

Interested in an interternship? Contact for more information. Check out:‌‌

The choice of universities in British Columbia  - Ash Kelly

"The good news is that Canada is home to so many great universities that it’s difficult to make a poor decision. That’s why choosing the school that best suits you requires going beyond rankings and reputation, and considering the unique culture and educational environment of your potential alma mater."

UFV is considered one of the top universities in British Columbia.

The Globe and Mail reported..."A higher percentage of first-year students reported participating in an internship or co-op program than at any other B.C. university. For instance, Cherie Enns’ urban planning students designed innovative urbanization proposals to revive an historic ornamental garden site that closed down several years ago. Students envisioned walkable, vibrant multiuse communities and presented their ideas to the local planning director".

Read the full article in the Globe and Mail.

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