Intermediate Certificate in Mandarin

Mandarin is spoken by over 885 million people worldwide and is the official language of mainland China.  In view of the dramatic increase in Canada’s relations with China, especially in the computer information and business fields, the ability to communicate in Mandarin is becoming an important asset for Canadians. Moreover, UFV is presently engaged in an important international project in China, featuring our Computer Information Systems program, with further programs projected for the future.  Our two new beginner courses in Mandarin Chinese will teach students skills in Mandarin phonetics, tones and pronunciation, enable them to conduct simple conversations in Mandarin and help develop an awareness of Chinese cultures, social values and customs. 

Program Structure


The Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Mandarin consists of the successful completion of 12 credits in Mandarin at the 100 and 200-level. The proficiency certificate can be completed simultaneously to an additional program (i.e. Bachelor of Arts degree) or on it's own. If you already have the 101/102 component (i.e. Grade 12 level), you can have the first-year requirement waived.


Students in any UFV program who meet the stated requirements of any proficiency certificate may apply for the certificate by completing a graduation application, available at the Office of the Registrar, by April 1 (all requirements must be met by April 30).


Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Mandarin (12 credits)

Course Title                                                                          Credits
MAND 101 Introduction to Mandarin I 3
MAND 102 Introduction to Mandarin II                                          3
MAND 201 Intermediate Mandarin I                            3
MAND 202 Intermediate Mandarin II   3

Note: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.33 in all ocourses applicable to the certificate is required for graduation with a proficiency certificate in Mandarin. At least 25% of the courses must be completed at UFV.

Need More Info?

For Mandarin course descriptions, please see the UFV Academic Calendar. For more information regarding the Proficiency Certificate in Mandarin, please contact the Modern Languages department assistant at 604-557-4035 or via email at

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