School of Business

Become an effective leader in a global marketplace

Become an effective leader in a global marketplace

Globalization opens up exciting growth opportunities for businesses and institutions, but also requires that today's managers enhance their skills to face new challenges and risks.

UFV's one-year Management Post-degree certificate provides you with a marketable set of specialized skills to compete in a fast-paced, evolving world. The program is especially designed to give students with non-business backgrounds the essential leadership skills necessary to build strong teams, foster positive change, and make a mark in the global marketplace.

In-depth curriculum helps you develop core competencies in marketing, human resources, international business, and management. A special course on innovation equips to manage resources, spark ideas and foster creativity in any field of endeavor.

You also get valuable practical experience through a final applied project that builds on your previous learning and current interests. A flexible directed studies course allows you to receive one-on-one feedback from our insightful instructors and pursue learning that is relevant to your chosen career path.

Whether you are a recent university graduate or a professional looking for new challenges, UFV's post-degree in Management is there to open doors of opportunity and provide you with the key to global managerial success.

Career Outlook

Employment and Social Development Canada reports that more than 10% of all projected job openings from 2011 to 2020 will be in management. In fact, a severe shortage of qualified managers is expected in certain fields, such as human resources, administrative and regulatory occupations, health, education and community services, construction, transportation, mining, protective services, forestry, agriculture, engineering, science and more.

A Management post-degree certificate s is an excellent capstone credential that can help you jump start a high paying career or enhance your prospects for rapid promotion in your current field. Or it may be a step toward pursuing graduate studies or earning a professional designation.