Research Advisory Council
Terms of Reference

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) provides an opportunity for research-oriented faculty members at UFV to come together to discuss issues related to research, to identify emerging issues and concerns, to develop new research-based initiatives, and to provide advice and support to the AVP Research & Graduate Studies and other UFV decision-making bodies such as the Senate Standing Committee for Research.  The RAC shall:

  • provide a forum where new research, scholarly initiatives and ideas can be discussed and reviewed in an inter-disciplinary context;
  • provide a space in which research-minded faculty can form a collective voice;
  • provide, through its members, an internal communication mechanism built on the existing departmental structure to broadly disseminate information concerning research, funding opportunities, institutional research initiatives, and the like; 
  • establish sub-committees, as required, to address and/or advise on emerging issues as they relate to research, creative, and scholarly activities and develop proposals for addressing them; and,
  • consider and review, as requested by AVP Research & Graduate Studies and other UFV bodies such as the Senate Standing Committee for Research, existing or proposed research related plans and policies, and provides advice on their content, interpretation, and implementation.


  • One faculty member delegated by each teaching department or alternate*
  • University Librarian or designate
  • Chair and Vice-Chair of the UFV Research Ethics Board
  • Directors/leaders of each UFV research institute, centre, or lab

      Non-voting members:

  • Vice-President (Academic)
  • Associate Vice-President (Research and Graduate Studies)
  • All Deans
  • Director of Research Services
  • Director of Teaching and Learning Advisory Council 

Every second year at its regular April meeting, the Council will appoint a Chair from its own membership.
Regular meetings 
The Council shall meet once a month, or at the call of the Chair, or at the request of the AVP Research and Graduate Studies or the Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Research. All meetings of the Council are open to all UFV faculty, staff and students wishing to attend. In the event that a vote must be taken on specific recommendations made to the AVP or other UFV decision-making body, a quorum shall be ten voting members.

A summary record of the proceedings and recommendations of the Council will be produced and circulated by the Assistant to the AVP Research & Graduate Studies.
*Note: Each year, prior to the Council’s first meeting in September, all teaching departments will be asked to appoint a faculty member as their delegate to the Council.

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