The Baker House University 101 Course

This 2 credit course is offered in the fall semester free of charge (textbook optional) to residents who have a room booked at Baker House.

UNIV 101   INTRO TO UNIV AND LIBERAL EDUCATION   2.0 credits  Prerequisite(s): None  Abbotsford Campus  

91254 RE1 Christine Zapisocki             ABA    266           W    1600  1720  09-SEP-2015 07-DEC-2015     25

            Registration available only to students who have a room booked at Baker House for Fall 2015


Our University 101 class is aimed at providing programs and services to maximize the academic, social, and personal success of our students.
The transition to a university education can, at times, be a little unnerving – We are here to help!

Each seminar class houses 20 – 25 students who will share experiences and learn together. As you develop your own learning plan, we are here to help you build a support network, access campus resources, develop new habits for new learning experiences, get involved, and play a meaningful role in the UFV community.

The life of a UFV student involves much more than academic instruction and achievement. University 101 endeavors to help you develop skills beyond the classroom. University 101 encourages student involvement and supports continuous learning in informal settings and the promotion of social interaction and personal growth. 

INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION IS REQUIRED. Email for permission to take this course.






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