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Domestic applicants

If you are a Canadian citizen or resident/landed immigrant, use the domestic application.

International applicants (including those studying in Chandigarh)

If you hold citizenship in a country outside of Canada and do not have landed immigrant, permanent resident, or convention refugee status, use our international application. 

» Am I eligible to apply? 
             English language entrance proficiency requirement
             Other admission requirements 

» When should I apply?     
            Programs accepting applications

» How can I apply for Admission?

» Basis for the admission decision

» High school transcripts and grades
             Final high school transcripts
             Interim high school grades
             Provincial examinations for grade 12 courses
             Out-of-province equivalents to BC grade 12 graduation
             Equivalents to high school graduation from other countries
             Alternatives to grade 12 graduation

» Post-secondary transcripts

Learn about admission to Continuing Studies programs.

Am I eligible to apply?

You can apply to a UFV academic program if you are a Canadian citizen* or a permanent resident (landed immigrant), and will meet the program entrance requirements as listed in the UFV academic calendar.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents (landed immigrants) are eligible for admission as domestic students. Some exceptions may be made in certain instances, primarily for those who are:

  • diplomatic or consular officers or their dependents
  • refugee claimants whose claims have been accepted and who have been granted protected persons or convention refugee status

Contact UFV Admissions, Office of the Registrar for further information.

* International applicants are also welcome. International applicants should contact UFV International at 604-504-7441, 604-854-4544, or visit the UFV International website for information about admission. Different fees, timelines, and procedures to apply.

If you require high-school-level upgrading, you may apply to Adult Basic Education (ABE) if you are 18 years of age or older before the first day of classes. Contact the UUP department at your local campus for more information. 

If you are under 19 and a non-graduate, but believe you have special circumstances, you may request special admission. If you are in the process of completing secondary school and want to take one or two post-secondary courses at the same time, apply for concurrent studies

English language proficiency requirement

For details on how to meet the language proficiency requirement, see the online UFV Calendar.

English is the language of instruction at UFV. UFV recognizes that applicants must have a level of English sufficient to participate and be successful in the learning process. Applicants to all post-secondary level programs and students registering for post-secondary courses are expected to be able to demonstrate language proficiency. Meeting the English language proficiency requirement meets the language requirements for most post-secondary courses, except for English and communications courses which have specific requirements.

All applicants to post-secondary programs will be checked to ensure the English language proficiency requirement has been met prior to being admitted. Applicants unable to meet the English language entrance requirement wil be given the opportunity to upgrade their language skills through Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, and/or the University Foundation certificate.

Other admission requirements

Many programs require that you meet other entrance requirements, such as grade 12 graduation, completion of specific courses with certain grades or averages, written statements, references, etc.

Programs that require an essay, letter of intent, or references.

Click here for programs that require submission of an additional application form.

If you are applying to a Degree program and have already completed a Degree, please review the Subsequent Degree process.

See the entrance requirements for your program of choice in the online calendar.

When should I apply?

Check the Programs accepting applications page to determine whether your program has a continuous or specific intake application process.

Specific intake application

For programs with applications for specific intakes, submit your application as early as possible. Refer to this chart to check if your program of choice is still accepting applications.

Semester Application Period Starts
Fall (September) October 1
Winter (January) May 1
Summer (May) October 1

Continuous application

For programs with continuous application, high school graduates who meet the entrance requirements may apply any time. Grade 12 students who will be graduating in June may apply for continuous application programs starting October 1st of their grade 12 year.

Apply for Admission

Apply online

New, continuing or returning applicants to UFV, for all program types apply online here.

To see programs that are currently accepting applications, check Program Application Information.

Check the How to Apply section for your program in the UFV calendar to determine what is required for a complete application.

Provide applicable additional documents to the Office of the Registrar.

  • additional program applications, when required
  • sealed references, personal statements, essays, etc.
  • official high school transcripts
  • official post-secondary transcripts from all other institutions you have attended
  • official test scores taken outside UFV (e.g., TOEFL, LPI, etc.).

Check the English language entrance proficiency policy and determine how you will meet it.

Applicants are required to pay the application fees using a credit card. Visa, MasterCard or American Express will be accepted.


The admissions decision

If you meet the entrance requirements, you will be admitted either on a competitive basis or according to the date of your completed application, depending on the program. Check the Basis for the admission decision section for your program in the online calendar. For programs that admit on a competitive basis, if you apply and meet all entrance requirements by the application deadline, you will be considered on the basis of criteria that are outlined in the program information in the UFV calendar under Basis for admission decision.

Early application is always recommended, so that you receive an earlier response. In some cases this will result in an earlier admission decision and will usually result in an earlier registration time. 


High school grades and transcripts

Official high school transcript guidelines

High school transcripts are recommended for all applicants and are required if you are under 19 or entering a program that requires grade 12 graduation.

To be considered official, high school transcripts must:

  • have the seal/stamp of the school
  • scanned and emailed or faxed directly from the school, providing the fax or email account is institutional
  • be eligible to be verified online (e.g. WAEC or CBSE)

International students

Official high school transcripts are required for all programs. Send them to the Office of the Registrar as supporting application documentation. If you are currently attending high school we require an interim transcript (see guidelines above), showing the courses you are currently taking and final marks for previous years. A final official transcript and proof of graduation will be required when the school year is complete.

BC grade 12 students

If you are graduating from a BC secondary school this year, you can have your final secondary school grades sent directly to UFV!

This option is only available in online format. To access the "Post-Secondary Selection Form" to tell the Ministry of Education that you'd like to have your grades sent to UFV, log in at

You should see "Welcome to the Student Secure Web". Click ENTER.

You will be prompted to log in or create a new account if you don't already have one. Follow the instructions carefully to submit your choice of Post-Secondary Institutions.

Pre-1974 BC grade 12 graduates

If you graduated in BC prior to 1974, you can contact the high school you attended for a transcript. BC high school graduates from any year can also contact the BC Ministry of Education for transcripts: 

     Ministry of Education — Transcripts
     PO Box 9886 STN PROV GOVT
     Victoria BC V8W 9T6

     |  Phone: 250-356-7270  |  Fax: 250-356-0171  |

Visit  to download a copy of the order form.

Out-of-province/country secondary school students

If you graduated from a high school in another province or country, you should contact the Ministry or Department of Education in that province or country. In some areas, you will have to contact the high school directly.

Interim high school grades

Admissions does not currently require interim grades to determine admissibility to most programs. If interim grades are required for the program you applied to, you will be contacted and required to submit them. BC grade 12 students: submit your PSI request through the Ministry of Education website or talk to your high school counsellor.

Provincial examinations for grade 12 courses

UFV does not require provincial examinations. If you have written an optional grade 12 provincial exam, the higher of the school mark or the blended grade (school mark and provincial exam result combined) will be used for admission or course prerequisites.

You must write provincial examinations when they are mandatory to meet BC high school graduation requirements, however, the higher of the school mark or the blended grade will be used for admission or course prerequisites at UFV.

More information...

List of approved grade 12 courses (formerly provincially examinable Grade 12 courses)...

Out-of-province equivalents to BC grade 12 graduation

Province or Territory Equivalent to BC school graduation
Alberta Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Saskatchewan Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Manitoba Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
(graduation prior to 2003)
Six OAC courses or grade 13
(graduation 2003 or later)
Secondary school (grade 12) graduation (new curriculum)
Quebec Completion of high school plus one full academic year at CEGEP
New Brunswick Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Nova Scotia Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Prince Edward Island Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Newfoundland Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Yukon Territories Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Northwest Territories Secondary school (grade 12) graduation
Nunavut Secondary school (grade 12) graduation

Equivalents to high school graduation from other countries

View a list of international upper secondary qualifications‌ (pdf) that are considered equivalent to high school graduation for admission to UFV.

Alternatives to grade 12 graduation

Completion of the International Baccalaureate diploma program, the BC adult provincial diploma (Adult Basic Education completion), or the General Education diploma (GED), will be considered equivalent to BC secondary school graduation for admission purposes. However, if you are applying for any program that requires specific secondary school-level courses for entrance, e.g., Math 11 or equivalent, or if you intend to register for a course that has a specific secondary school course as a prerequisite, you must provide an official transcript showing a final grade in the appropriate subject.

Post-secondary transcript

Click here to view the Official Transcript Guidelines

Order official transcripts before you apply to UFV so that they arrive in a timely fashion.

Students are required to declare all previously attended post-secondary institutions, and provide official post-secondary transcripts, even if it is not required for your program admission requirements.

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