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Deferring fees
Fees for OReg services
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Fee reductions (refunds)
Graduate Studies fees
Late registration fee
Passport to Education
Payment deadline
Payment options
Program-specific fees
Registration deposit
Semester-based fees
Senior citizen's discount
SUS Health & Dental Plan fee
Trades program fees
Tuition fees for financial aid recipients
Tuition free ESL courses


Please note:
» UFV does not accept credit card payments for tuition and term based fees - see more.
» The following fee and payment information does not apply to international students or Continuing Studies students. Please see International Student Fees and the Continuing Studies website for more information.
» UFV reserves the right to change fees at any time.


Application fee

$45 All new applicants (including former Continuing Studies students)
$20 » New applicants who wish to change the program for their initial term
   of admission (prior to starting classes), or
» Previous UFV students (excluding Continuing Studies) applying for
   re-admission due to:
   • absence of two or more years
   • required withdrawal
   • failure to register in first semester of admission
   • complete withdrawal in first semester
No fee Current* UFV students applying to a different program

*Either currently registered in classes, or you completed classes within the two years prior to the semester for which you're applying (excluding Continuing Studies classes)
  • Payment must accompany submission of your application form.
  • There is no application fee for Upgrading and University Preparation programs.
  • Applicants who do not get a seat in their preferred program will be admitted to a program path or ESL without being charged an additional application fee, or having to submit a new application.


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Registration deposit

***New process for Fall 2013 - deposit paid before registration***

A $200 registration deposit is required each semester. The deposit must be received before you register. Payment Options

If you are sponsored, please ensure UFV has an updated sponsorship letter before you register.

Registration deposit for financial aid recipients
If you are receiving student loans or need a fee deferral, contact Financial Aid & Awards to make arrangements before you register.

International students are required to pay all fees in full before registration. 


If you have pre-paid your $200 deposit and will not be attending, please request a refund by emailing regfees@ufv.ca. Otherwise a refund will not be issued until after the semester fee payment deadline.


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Fees per credit

Some courses are offered on a full cost-recovery basis. Their fees may be higher.

2013/14 Fees


Credit courses

Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses

 Graduate Courses

ESL courses


Trades & Technology courses

Courses numbered...





(begins Fall 2013)

(begins Fall 2013)




 $ 527.27




Ancillary fee/credit1














3-credit course







4-credit course







Typical 16-week term:







1The ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund, student accident insurance, and the construction of the student activity centre. It is set at 10% of the tuition.
2There are no tuition or ancillary fees for courses numbered below 070.
3Tuition free for eligible students.


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Semester-based fees

Each semester all students (except Continuing Studies) are assessed the following fees:

Student Union Society membership fee*:


Student Union Society Capital fee*:


Universal Bus Pass fee (U-Pass)*:


Radio station fee:


Cascade newspaper fee:


Student Transportation  fee:


Each group sets its fees by referendum or at a general meeting. Fees are approved by the UFV Board. 

*For more information on these fees, visit the UFV Student Union Society website.


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SUS Health and Dental Plan fee

2013-14 Rates*

Coverage from
Sept 1, 2013–
Aug 31, 2014

Coverage from
Jan 1–Aug 31, 2014
(for new January students only)

Full-time students



Part-time students



* Rates may change for 2014-15.

Most full-time students who are members of the Student Union Society (SUS) are automatically enrolled in the SUS Health & Dental Plan. The plan provides students with health and dental coverage for 12 months, from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. Students already covered by an equivalent extended health and dental plan may opt out of the plan online, during the Change-of-Coverage Period (typically the week before classes through the first two weeks of classes). The plan also gives students the option to enrol their families (spouses and/or dependants) by paying an additional fee.

Most SUS members who are not automatically assessed the fee, but wish to have coverage, are able to enrol themselves for an additional fee. Students starting in January may enrol at a pro-rated rate for eight months of coverage (January 1–August 31).

For more information, contact studentcare.net/works at 1-866-358-4437 or visit www.ihaveaplan.ca.


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Opt Out Eligibility for U-Pass

A UFV student who may opt out and qualify as an exempt student is a UFV student that:

  • Is enrolled exclusively in distance education courses and not taking on campus credit courses offered by UFV;
  • Has a demonstrated disability that has been verified by UFV that inhibits you from using public transit or handyDART;
  • Holds a BC Bus Pass issued by the BC Government.

If you meet any of these requirements, you are requested to submit a signed and dated letter to the U-PASS coordinator in person or by fax at 604-853-4076 or via email at chilliwack@ufvSUS.ca. The letter must contain your first and last name, student ID, the reason for the opt out and the semester. Included with the letter is proof of the for your opt out reason. For distance education courses, a print screen of your courses or a copy of your schedule bill, for disability students, a letter from Disability Services, and for BC Bus Pass, a photocopy of the bus pass.

Contact our U-PASS coordinator at chilliwack@ufvSUS.ca for information.


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Program-specific fees

Some programs have special fees. The following figures, unless otherwise stated, include tuition and ancillary fees only. The application, Health & Dental, and semester-based fees must be added.
Please note: additional program fees might include equipment packages, etc; see department websites for details.
2013/14 fees


Program Cost

Payments Over

Applied Business Technology


1 semester

Architectural Drafting Technician certificate


2 semesters

Certified Dental Assistant


3 semesters

Graphic and Digital Design Diploma
(2-yr program)


4 semesters

Health Care Assistant


1 semester

Practical Nursing


4 semesters

Teacher Education Program


4 semesters

Workplace TASK


2 semesters

1 2013/14 rate does not include Health & Dental and semester-based fees.


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Cooperative Education fee

The 2013/14 fee for the Co-operative Education work term is $525.84 ($478.02 for tuition and $47.82 for ancillary fees), plus the Health & Dental and semester-based fees.


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Trades program fees

The following figures include tuition and ancillary fees only. The application, Health & Dental, and semester-based fees must be added.

Program Program length

Approx. total

Aircraft Structures 42 weeks over 3 semesters


Auto Collision Repair 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Automotive 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Carpentry 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Electrical 24 weeks over 2 semesters1


Electronics 38 weeks over 2 semesters


Heavy Duty/CT 36 weeks over 2 semesters


Hospitality Event Planning 36 weeks over 2 semesters


Joinery 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Plumbing and Piping 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Professional Cook 39 weeks over 2 semesters


Welding Level "C" 34 weeks over 2 semesters


Welding Level "B" 16 weeks over 1 semester


Welding Level "A" 8 weeks over 1 semester


1 Program length changed to 24 weeks.


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Late registration fee

A late registration fee of $20 per course is charged when you register after the fee payment deadline. See Important Registration Dates for current late registration date.


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Fees for OReg services

Transcript requests


Faxing a transcript
(in addition to $10 transcript fee)


Sending a transcript by courier
(in addition to $10 transcript fee)


Additional parchment requests


Confirmation of enrolment requests
(for confirmation of enrolment, or confirmation of
completion letters/forms)


Out of country document evaluation - Domestic
students (for post-secondary transcripts outside of Canada)


Out of country document evaluation - International
students (for post-secondary transcripts outside of Canada)


Lawyer's requests for student records
(charged to law firm)




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Senior citizen’s discount

Seniors, 65 years of age and older, may enrol in most credit courses without having to pay tuition or ancillary fees, provided they do not displace fee-paying students. They will be charged the application fee and will be responsible for the cost of any supplies required for the course(s).
Courses and programs offered on a cost-recovery basis are not included in this discount. Cost recover courses are listed in the timetable with a fee more than $144.51 per credit (that is, $433.53 for a 3-credit course, or $578.04 for a 4-credit course).
Some examples include, but are not limited to: Teacher Education, Applied Business Technology, Substance Abuse certificate courses, Continuing Studies, and ElderCollege.
International students are excluded from this discount.


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Payment deadline

The balance of fees owing must be paid in full by the fee payment deadline (approximately the end of the second week of classes) or penalties will apply. See Important Registration Dates for current fee payment deadline.
International students and Continuing Studies students may be subject to different payment deadlines. Please see UFV International and the Continuing Studies website.

To avoid errors in the amount you pay, check your student account balance through myUFV before you pay your fees.

Pay in advance! Do not wait until the fee payment deadline to pay fees, as there are likely to be long line-ups or delays in the registration offices.

Failure to pay fees by the deadline

If you pay the balance of outstanding fees after the payment deadline but before OReg has withdrawn you from your courses, you will be charged a $50 late payment penalty.

If we withdraw you from your classes for non-payment, your $200 deposit will be forfeited as a penalty for non-payment. If you wish to be reinstated into your classes, you will be required to pay the full fees for the courses, in addition to the $200 forfeited.

Note: You are required to pay in full for all classes you are registered in as of the payment deadline. There is no reduction in fees for withdrawals after the deadline. Even if you are disputing a charge or appealing for an additional fee reduction, pay your fees in full; you will be reimbursed if you are successful.  


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Payment options

The following fee and payment information does not apply to international students or Continuing Studies students. Please see International Student Fees and the Continuing Studies website for more information.

Reminder:  Domestic students are not able to pay for tuition and other semester related fees by credit card. See below for ways to pay.

New Payment option


To pay your registration deposit or tuition fees online with INTERAC® Online, you need to have an account with online banking at one of the following Canadian financial institutions:

  • Scotiabank
  • Royal Bank
  • BMO
  • TD Canada Trust
    • Note: TD VISA Debit Cards cannot be used with INTERAC® Online   

INTERAC® Online is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via myUFV.

Please confirm with your financial institution that your daily INTERAC® limit is higher than the payment you are making.

All payments will be applied to your UFV account immediately upon successful transaction.

Online banking or telebanking

Pay by online banking or telebanking through your bank or credit union. Check with your branch for details and/or to arrange access. Select University of the Fraser Valley as the payee and use your student ID number as your account number.  

Important: online banking payments can take up to three business days to be applied to your UFV account.

In person

Pay tuition at any Office of the Registrar using cash, cheque, money order, bank draft, Passport to Education, or debit card. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.
If paying by debit, contact your bank to ensure your daily limit will allow the amount of your tuition.
If paying by cheque, ensure it is for the exact amount owing on your account and include your name, UFV ID, address, and telephone number on your cheque. A $25 penalty will be charged for NSF/returned cheques.

By phone (604-854-4501)

Pay for application fees, transcript fees and graduation fees (but not domestic tuition or semester-based fees) by phone using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


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Passport to Education

If you have a Passport to Education that you would like to use to pay your tuition, bring it with you to the OReg office when you are registering.

Your Passport to Education can be used to pay for credit courses as well as courses offered through the Continuing Studies department. However they can not be used to purchase textbooks.


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Deferring fees

If you require a deferral of fees, contact Financial Aid and Awards no later than four days before the fee payment deadline. Government student loans must normally be approved to qualify. Please note that the registration deposit of $200 is generally not deferred.


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Tuition free ESL courses for eligible students

The Canadian Federal Government and the BC Provincial Governments provide funding as an initiative for the development and implementation of a tuition free policy for eligible students in English as a Second Language (ESL) in BC. Eligible students are still required to pay mandatory fees that are not considered tuition, such as ancillary fees, athletics, fees, technology fees and student union fees.

The institutional operating grant provides funding toward instructional costs and this tuition reimbursement provides funding for tuition that would otherwise be collected from students.

More information can be found at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/laws-policy/agreements/bc/bc-2010-annex-a.asp

Federal Definition of Eligible Clients

The eligible client description below is an excerpt from Annex A of the Canada-BC Immigration Agreement – section 4.0 Eligible Clients

4.1 “Eligible Clients” for federally funded settlement and integration services in British Columbia and, in the case of section 4.1.(d), with respect to those destined for British Columbia are:

a. permanent residents of Canada;
b. protected persons as defined in section 95 of the IRPA;
c. individuals who have been selected, in Canada, to become permanent residents (pending medical, security and criminal verifications) and who have been informed of this by a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
d. while recognizing federal jurisdiction for programming overseas, and in consultation with Canada, foreign nationals who have been selected overseas to become permanent residents (pending verifications) and who have been informed of this by a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada; and
e. live-in caregivers who are in Canada with a work permit under the Live-in Caregiver Program.

Please contact any Office of the Registrar for more details.


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Tuition fees for financial aid recipients

Student loan recipients are responsible for paying their total course fees by the fee payment deadline. To ensure you receive your funding in time, carefully review the Schedule of Events information as it provides a detailed timeline.

If you have not received your loan document in the mail or your funds have not been deposited into your bank account by the fee payment deadline, please contact Financial Aid and Awards.


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Fee reductions (refunds)

Note: The following guidelines do not apply to courses offered through the Continuing Studies (CS) department. See the Continuing Studies brochure (published in August and December and available for download on the Continuing Studies website) for information on CS course refunds.

Portion of course or semester completed

Fee reduction or refund



1-15% to a maximum of two weeks


Over 15%, or after two weeks


The refund is based on the full course fee, not the deposit, e.g. 10% of the total course fee is charged (not refundable) in the first two weeks of classes. See Important Registration Dates for current refund schedule.


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