Semester Fees

Semester-based Fees
SUS U-Pass
SUS Health & Dental Fee


Semester-based fees

Each semester all students (except Continuing Studies) are assessed the following fees:

Student Union Society membership fee*:


Student Union Society Capital fee*:


Universal Bus Pass fee (U-Pass)*:


Radio station fee:


Cascade newspaper fee:


Student Transportation  fee*:


The Studemnt Union Society sets its fees by referendum or at a general meeting. Fees are approved by the UFV Board. 

*For more information on these fees, visit the UFV Student Union Society website.


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Opt Out Eligibility for U-Pass

A UFV student who may opt out and qualify as an exempt student is a UFV student that:

  • Is enrolled exclusively in distance education courses and not taking on campus credit courses offered by UFV;
  • Has a demonstrated disability that has been verified by UFV that inhibits you from using public transit or handyDART;
  • Holds a BC Bus Pass issued by the BC Government.

If you meet any of these requirements, you are requested to submit a signed and dated letter to the U-PASS coordinator in person or by fax at 604-853-4076 or via email at The letter must contain your first and last name, student ID, the reason for the opt out and the semester. Included with the letter is proof of the for your opt out reason. For distance education courses, a print screen of your courses or a copy of your schedule bill, for disability students, a letter from Disability Services, and for BC Bus Pass, a photocopy of the bus pass.

Contact our U-PASS coordinator at for information.


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SUS Health and Dental Plan fee

2013-14 Rates*

Coverage from
Sept 1, 2013–
Aug 31, 2014

Coverage from
Jan 1–Aug 31, 2014
(for new January students only)

Full-time students



Part-time students



* Rates may change for 2014-15.

Most full-time students who are members of the Student Union Society (SUS) are automatically enrolled in the SUS Health & Dental Plan. The plan provides students with health and dental coverage for 12 months, from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. Students already covered by an equivalent extended health and dental plan may opt out of the plan online, during the Change-of-Coverage Period (typically the week before classes through the first two weeks of classes). The plan also gives students the option to enrol their families (spouses and/or dependants) by paying an additional fee.

Most SUS members who are not automatically assessed the fee, but wish to have coverage, are able to enrol themselves for an additional fee. Students starting in January may enrol at a pro-rated rate for eight months of coverage (January 1–August 31).

For more information, contact at 1-866-358-4437 or visit


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