Many of the forms below require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing. Download this application for free by following this link. 

[Additional application forms]
[Graduate Application forms]
[Student forms]
[Faculty/staff forms]

Additional application forms (program-specific)

Applicants to the programs listed below must submit both a standard UFV application form (above) and the form(s) applicable to their chosen program.
Aviation programs  A link to Coastal Pacific Aviation's site for application to the BBA (Aviation) degree, Aviation diploma (one or two-year); or BGS degree with Aviation theme.
Dental program (pdf) For admission to the Certified Dental Assistant, complete and submit this form.
Health Care Assistant program (pdf) This additional information is required for application to the Health Care Assistant program.
Nursing Programs (pdf) For admission to Nursing, Practical Nursing, or LPN Access programs, complete and submit this form.
Teacher Education Program A link to application documents on the Teacher Education site.
Bachelor of Social Work, Social Services diploma, Substance Abuse Counselling diploma/certificate, Community Support Worker certificate To obtain additional application forms for each of these programs, please visit the School of Social Work and Human Services' download centre.

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Graduate Application forms

Applicants to all Graduate programs must complete the Graduate Application form and any other additional requirements (Application Checklist, Referee forms etc.) for their chosen program.
Graduate Application form (for all programs)

A‌pply Online

Additional program requirements:


Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice

Master of Social Work

Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation

Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership and Mentorship


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Student forms

Confirmation of Enrolment Available through myUFV - log into your account, go to Student Information; Student Records then View/Print Enrolment Verification. Or use this form to request a letter of Confirmation of Enrolment. 
Indigenous Ancestry Self-declaration Students of Aboriginal ancestry may choose to self-identify so that they may benefit from supportive programs and services. More info...
Graduation Request Complete and submit a grad request anytime during the semester in which you will complete your program requirements, but no later than April 1.
Parchment reprint request Use this form to request a reprint of your parchment. A $25 fee applies. **Effective May 1, 2014 
Permission to Register
full form
This form includes permission to repeat a course a 3rd time, register late, register in more than six classes and Department Head late registration. Must be completed by the student and instructor/department/dean. Other permission to register forms can be located through Faculty Web.
Release of Information Use this form to authorize UFV to release information about your student record to an individual or organization.
Late Withdrawal Request This form must be completed if requesting a withdrawal after the last day to withdraw for a semester.
Medical Certificate  This form is required as supporting documentation for a Late Withdrawal and/or Appeal for Refund that involves medical circumstances.  
Personal Information Change If you have legally changed your name or gender, have moved, or are planning to move, please complete and submit this form to the Office of the Registrar with photo ID.
Request for Concurrent Studies This form is for students who want to take one or two UFV courses while completing high school.

Request for Letter of Permission Fillable

Complete this form if you are planning to do course work at another institution to transfer back to UFV.
If using the fillable form, save the form as your student ID and return it to from your UFV email address.

Request for Non-Disclosure of Public Information Use this form to request that UFV does not release standard, public information about you.
Request for Special Admission Complete this form if you do not meet stated admission requirements and would like to request special consideration for admission.
Reset myUFV Access Can't remember your myUFV password? Complete and submit this form to have your password reset.
Timetable Worksheet Use this worksheet to help plan your course schedule prior to registering.
Transcript Request Use this form to request a transcript.

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Faculty/staff forms

‌ (pdf) Complete and submit this form to the Scheduling Office at OReg in order to book a computer lab.
Permission to Register (pdf)
full form
This form includes permission to audit, increase class size, register late, register in more than six classes, waive prerequisites, and more. Must be completed by the student and instructor/department/dean.
Reset myUFV Access (pdf) Can't remember your myUFV password? Complete and submit this form to have your password reset.
Room Booking Request Complete & submit online to request space at UFV for an event or meeting.
Scheduling Request Form (pdf) Use this form to request the creation of sections to be included in the timetable.
Study Tour Scheduling Request form (pdf) This worksheet must be completed and submitted to OReg for the creation of a tour section.
Exam Conflict Booking Fill out this online form to book an exam time if there is a conflict.
Notice of Withdrawal Use this form to withdraw students for failure to attend the first class or for missing pre/corequisites.

Use this form to change a grade of "I" to "Incomplete" to a student. This form must be submitted with any grades of "I". Read the Incomplete Grades Policy for more information.
Change of Grade Form

Use this form to change a student's grades if you have already submitted the grade to OReg. Read the Change of Grade Policy for more information.

Access through Faculty myUFV.

Start of Term Practices

Review Faculty practices for the start of term e.g. late registration, waitlist procedures.

End of Term Practices

Review Faculty practices for the end of term. e.g. grade submission


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