ADED 370 and ADED 470 Independent Study Courses

  • ADED 370 and ADED 470 provides students with an opportunity to develop an adult education focus based on their need or interest.
  • These are separate courses and must have 2 separate proposals. 
  • These courses can be scheduled for any semester. The course must be completed in the term it is registered for.
  • Topics can range from a practical (work related) or academic (scholarly or research studies) application. 
  • Faculty with the expertise relating to the student's topic will be chosen. 

The Proposal: Students choose a topic and write a couple of paragraphs describing the topic, method, what they will be reading, observing and the outcomes.  The final project/submission can be an essay, report, presentation with short paper, etc.

The proposal must have:

Pen and note pad 
  • A clear indication of an alignment between 4 (or more) learning outcomes and the way they will be assessed.
  • Include researching and reviewing literature or readings on the topic.
  • Create a table (see sample below) to show the constructive alignment of outcomes, activities, and assessments. The table will have 3 columns and five rows, including a heading row. 
  • Use demonstrable verbs for the learning outcomes after the preamble "By the end of this study, I will "Critique...", "Review research on the topic", etc.
  • Include readings and application procedures.


Timeline for Proposals 
SemesterDeclaration DateProposal Submission Date 
Fall June 1st  August 15 th 
Winter  October 1st November 21st
Summer February 1st March 21st

The Procedure: Send the both your declaration and proposal to the Program Advisor who will send it to the Department Head for review.   

Once the proposal is accepted, and the final proposal is sent to the Dean to approve and then, students will be contacted to register for a special course set up for this activity. 

Note: Students will be mentored and assessed by the instructor who agreed to the proposal.  It will be assessed by a Credit/ Non-credit basis. 

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their proposals, registration dates and target dates outlined in their proposal.

 Examples of topics from past proposals:

  • Creating information manuals for the workplace
  • Creating workplace programs
  • Training sessions
  • Researching Adult Education topics

Proposal materials

1. Brainstorming Sheet

  • Use this resource to assist you in brainstorming ideas for your topic.
  • This is for your use only and will not need to be submitted.

2. Proposal Template

  • Use this template to write your proposal for submission.

3. Submission Process

Step 1: Complete and submit proposal to the Adult Education Program Advisor.

Step 2: Department will review proposal and may ask for further information.

Step 3: After department review, proposal goes to the Dean, Faculty of Professional Studies for approval.

Step 4: When approved, the department will contact you and advise you how to register.

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