Workplace Education Certificate

This certificate is designed for students that wish to gain a credential in Adult Education other than a four-year degree. The courses introduce students to the principles of adult education, the characteristics of adult learners, and the process of planning and administering adult education.


Program Requirements
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What courses do I have to take?

ADED 320 Adult Learning 3 credits (Prerequisite enrollment in the program)

This course will orient participants to adult learning, develop the participants understanding of some theoretical perspectives and provide an opportunity for consideration of implications for practice. Topics include: selected theories and concepts of adult development, selected theories regarding circumstances and processes of adult learning, and characteristics of adults as learners.

ADED 340 Program Planning and Evaluation 3 credits (Prerequisite enrollment in the program)

This course will provide a basis for responsible, reflective program planning practice by introducing participants to key concepts, principles, and issues in program planning processes, and to the diverse settings in which those processes are carried out. The course will emphasize the development of a critical perspective. Through study of recent theory and actual cases, participants will assess the extent to which educational program planning is an important site in the struggle over the definition, sources, and purposes of legitimate knowledge.

ADED 407 Organization and Workplace Learning: Reflections of Practice 3 credits (Prerequisite enrollment in the program)

This course examines concepts of workplace learning and the learning organization, and reflects on their meaning and validity within the contexts of students’ professional and organizational lives. The learning environment will be used as a place to collaboratively investigate learning, drawing upon course readings and each student’s experience in their own working life.

ADED 408 Assessing Adult Leaning 3 credits (Prerequisite enrollment in the program)

This course is based on a holistic view of assessment as part of the teaching and learning process. Assessment issues will be presented from several perspectives, including assessment techniques to assess adults’ prior learning, assessment in specific program such as adult basic education and workplace learning, and self-reflection and self-assessment. Forth formative and summative assessment will be considered. Students will be encouraged to design relevant and appropriate assessment for their own practices.

Program Requirements

  • Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the four courses to be eligible for the certificate.
  • Three of the four courses must be taken at UFV.

Can I switch to the Degree Option Later?

Yes all four courses are part of the UFV degree in Adult Education and your courses will transfer to the degree should you wish to pursue the degree at a later date.


The courses follow UFV’s fee schedule currently set at $433.53 for a 3 credit course.  Books and materials are extra. To see the fee schedule click here.

How to Apply?

New students must meet the admission requirements of UFV. Students already enrolled at UFV are only required to meet the course prerequisites.

Click Here for more information on how to apply.

Learn more about the program

Contact the Adult Education Program Advisor by phone at 604- 864-4621 or e-mail


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