• "This program was very rewarding for me & I would recommend it to anybody interested in horticulture."
  • "I loved my time at UFV, visit when I can."
  • "UFV Agriculture department is like a searchlight that illuminated the direction of my career goal; I just walked towards it. I feel very luck I chose the UFV Agriculture program to study."
  • "UFV's Ornamental Horticulture courses gave me a new lease on life. I didn't just learn about plants, my confidence was restored and my faith in others strengthened. It did more for me than anyone will ever know. I am really going to miss not being in class in September."
  • "Pursuing my education in horticulture technology at UFV has driven me to achieve my dreams of working in the horticulture industry. The faculty has been wonderful in assisting me in hands on technical information that was relevant in today's job market."
  • "I truly enjoyed my UFV experience & would be willing to recommend it to anyone interested."
  • "I use the knowledge and skills I learned at UFV on a daily basis, both at work and at home on the farm."
  • "Felt that this this program taught me a lot that I could never have picked up on in the field."

 UFV Agriculture - Our stregnths are:
  • "The sense of being part of a family."
  • "The instructors."
  • "Your teachers."  
  • "Its faculty and staff who are generous with their time and knowledge. Everyone is friendly and approachable. I found it to be a great atmosphere to learn in. Shelley and Brent are enormously helpful."
  • "Excellent instructors. Great location"
  • "The 'hands-on' training that students are given in all of their courses."
  • "My 2 year diploma & contacts I have made within the faculty have led me to a successful career."
  • "The mix of book learning and hands on training. The greenhouse duties (work & field trips) help pull together the classroom information."
  • "Everything was valuable."
  • "The program was geared to prepare students & give them the tools needed to lead into employment i.e. computer skills, communications, hands on training, etc."
  • "I was employable immediately (even prior to graduation!) My biggest challenge was to choose from the many wonderful job opportunities that were available to me. What a great problem to have!"
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