Final Grade Appeal Guide

Students have the right to appeal decisions and practices that affect their academic standing. This guide outlines the series of steps a student may take to resolve an appeal issue.

This document is intended for general information only. Please refer to Final Grade Appeals Policy (217) for detailed procedures. Complaints related to general instructor performance rather than a specific grade may be referred to the Dean of the area. In that situation, contact the Academic Integrity office to inquire how best to move ahead. 

It is important for everybody concerned that appeals be settled as quickly as possible. Therefore please pay close attention to the TIME LIMITS around filing a grade appeal. If you fail to meet a deadline or fail to appear at any meetings scheduled throughout the appeal process, it will be assumed that you have withdrawn your appeal and the dispute will be considered as resolved.

The Director may extend deadlines by a few days when there are extenuating circumstances, but this is very rare and fairness to both sides is considered.

Although the term "instructor" is used in the Guide to refer to the respondent in a dispute, students are entitled to appeal the academic decisions of any UFV employee, e.g., dean, department head, registrar.

Where there is a perceived difference between the meaning or intent of the Final Grade Appeals Guide and the Final Grade Appeals Policy, the wording of the Final Grade Appeals Policy will apply.

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