Letter from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts. Here you will find a broad choice of liberal arts courses and programs designed to prepare you for your journey into and beyond the university. A liberal arts education will enable your participation as a reflective, creative and articulate citizen within the national and global communities. So as to ensure your success in the fast-changing economy of the twenty first century, the Faculty of Arts offers you skills such as creative problem-solving, clear and critical reasoning, effective interpersonal communication, social research skills, analysis of human and physical environments, historical consciousness, cultural awareness and interpretative skills. 

Please explore this website to learn more about the numerous options that are available to you as a student of the liberal arts. UFV Faculty of Arts is renowned for academic integrity, a dedicated faculty and its promotion of innovative cross disciplinary models of learning.  Arts students encounter an integration of theory and practice in their programs, online and workplace opportunities, fieldtrips, study tours, international educational partnerships and possibilities of working with local communities through centres such as the Indigenous Studies Centre, the Indo-Canadian Centre or the recently established Mennonite Centre.

Liberal arts education effects a profound transformation of individual consciousness. Understanding the relationship of individual autonomy and civic involvement helps one to shape and define the conditions of one’s life. Arts graduates have an advantage in the workplace due to being equipped as citizens for the most informed deliberation on matters of individual and collective concern. Graduates leave with knowledge of the foundations of thought as well as with independent judgment, criticality, the ability to dialogue across difference, and to partake respectfully in the political, socio-economic and cultural life of the community. Liberal arts students learn to become agents in the construction of new knowledge that is vital to our survival as we determine how to affect the common good across constructs of gender, class, ethnicity, nation and also species. It is the well-informed, deeply creative and rational citizen who will be able to help meet current challenges of redefining and responding effectively to our social, economic, cultural and physical habitats.

Dr. Jacqueline Nolte 

Dean of Arts 

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