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Develop your intercultural communication skills and explore the rich culture and fascinating history of the Pacific Rim. Examine the evolution of complex civilizations from ancient times to modern day.


CMNS 155* Communication for Human Services CMNS 180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
CMNS 235 Oral Communication
ENGL 105* The Reading & Writing of Prose
GEOG 131 British Columbia
HIST 115 Traditional East Asian Civilizations
HIST 235 Late Imperial & Modern China
HIST 236 Japanese History since 1600
JAPN 101 Japanese Language
MAND 101 Introduction to Mandarin I
POSC 260 International Relations and Global Politics
PUNJ 101 Intro to  Punjabi
RUSS 101 Russian Language I

*Communications 155 and English 105 do require a C+ in English 12 or you can write the CPT prior to classes starting in September and if your score is 48 or better, you can take it in your first term.  These courses are often needed to take further English/Communications courses.

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Print out this blank timetable worksheet for planning this semester's courses.

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