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Few would argue that climate and environmental change are suddenly the most pressing challenges to future human security. What is less clear, is what we do about it. In this package, learn the art and science of global environmental change, how it affects, and is affected by, human, plant and animal communities, and ways we can address it.


BIO 106 Ecology From an Urban Perspective
CMNS 155* Intro to Workplace and Academic Communication
ENGL 105* Academic Writing
GEOG 101 Weather and Climate (requires lab)
GEOG 102 Evolution of the Earth's Surface
GEOG 130 Geography of Canada
GEOG 131 British Columbia
PHIL 110 Morality & Politics

* Communications 155 and English 105 do require a C+ in English 12. There are other alternatives; please check UFV’s English language policy.

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