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Indigenous peoples’ contemporary claims to land, resources and culture have enormous influence on our world. In this package, you will learn how to travel into, and make sense of, that wonderful mosaic of peoples, cultures and spaces in which, sometimes smoothly but often not, tradition and modernity meet.


AH 100 History of Art and Culture in a Global Context
ANTH 100 Invitation to Anthropology
ANTH 102 Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 111 First Nations in BC - Traditional Cultures
CMNS 155* Intro to Workplace and Academic Communication
CMNS 180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
CMNS 235 Oral Communication
CRIM 211 Indigenous Peoples, Crime and Criminal Justice
ENGL 104 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 105* Academic Writing
FILM 120 History & Aesthetics of World Cinema
GEOG 131 British Columbia
HALQ 101 Halq'emeylem Language I
HIST 101 Canada Before Confederation
HIST 103 Sto:lo History
HIST 108 Birth of Europe: Antiquity to the 14th Century
HIST 115 Traditional East Asian Civilizations
HIST 241 History of the United States to 1865
HIST 261 Latin American History: Colonial Experience
HIST 262 Latin American History: National Experience
HIST 264 History of India: Akbar to Independence
HIST 265 India and the Indo-Pacific World
IPK 121 Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow I
IPK 277 Indigenous Art: Stories and Protocols
LAS 110 Pre-Columbian, Hispanic & African Heritage
MENN 100 Introduction to Mennonite Studies
VA 140 Indigenous Design and Technology: Special Topics I

* Communications 155 and English 105 do require a C+ in English 12. There are other alternatives; please check UFV’s English language policy.

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