4th Year Bachelor of Arts

Psychology Major with Criminal Justice Minor

Danielle has been helping students since Fall 2013

Why did you decide to become an Arts Peer Mentor?

I decided to become a UFV Arts Peer Mentor because I thought it would be a great opportunity to use my leadership and time management skills to guide others. I also enjoy helping others and through the Peer Mentoring Program I feel that I am able to help my mentees in a significant way. I wish a program like this was around when I myself felt lost in my first year.

What is the most rewarding part so of being a Peer Mentor?

The most rewarding part of being a Peer Mentor is seeing my mentees succeed in their university experience and knowing that I had a part helping them achieve this success. It is also rewarding hearing my mentees tell me that they would have felt so lost at the university without the Peer Mentor Program and are thankful that they decided to sign up for it.

Is there something in particular about the program that students should know or might find interesting?

Students should know that the Peer Mentoring Program is not only an experience that guides them through their first year of university, but they will also establish a meaningful friendship with their mentor that they can choose to maintain for the rest of their university years.

Do you have any advice for first year students adapting to University? Tips?

Advice that I would give to first year students is to not be afraid to seek help when they need it and not to be shy to ask questions when they are not sure. It is hard to catch up with important deadlines and instructions when you are unsure on when and how to approach them. Many first year students are all in the same boat as other first year students so reach out!

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