Clayoquot Field Immersion
August 2009

Day 6

Early in the morning on the last day of the field school interested students dropped a small boat into the ocean at Grice Bay to experience their first phytoplankton drag. Specimens captured in the net were brought back to the lab and studied under microscopes.

In the afternoon floatation jackets were donned and power boats took students for sea lion and whale watching. Before returning to the field school students were able to stop at Hot Springs Cove for a soak in the still natural hot springs, located in Maquinna Provincial Park in the remote northern end of Clayoquot Sound.

Dr. Allan Arndt, UFV biology instructor and students drop a boat into the ocean
off the Botanical Gardens to do a phytoplankton drag
Students prepare for whale watching and a trip to Hot Springs Cove
On the boat
Sea lions
A humpback whale
Two humpback whales
Tail of a humpback whale
Hot Springs Cove
Group picture while returning to the mainland on the ferry

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