Board Policy Directions and Policies

Policy directions are meant to guide the Board in meeting its responsibilities and to provide the President directions so that he or she has the freedom to take action within defined parameters and in keeping with the university's values. Policy Directions are set according to Bylaw .

BPD – Board Policy Directions
BRP – Board Policy

BPD-200      University Planning and Directions    
BRP-200.02   Board Policy on Development and Review of Administrative Policies
BRP-200.03   Board Policy for Academic and Corporate Seals and Coat of Arms
BRP-200.04   Board Policy on Controlled Entities
BRP-200.05   Fulfilling Our Commitment to Aboriginal Peoples

BPD-201      Values and Ethics
BRP-201.01   Board Policy on Academic Freedom
BRP-201.02   Board Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Physical or Emotional Abuse Prevention and Resolution

BPD-202      University Educational Directions and Planning

BPD-205      Financial Management
BRP-205.01   Board Policy on Tuition and Other Fees
BRP-205.02   Board Policy on Signing Authority
BRP-205.05   Board Policy on Budget Process and Approval

BPD-210      Philanthropy and Gift Management

BPD-215        Real Property, Heritage Sites, Endowments, Intellectual Property, 
                      & other Assets

BRP-215.01   Investment Policy of the Board
BRP-215.02   Board Policy on Naming of Buildings, Spaces and Facilities

BPD-220        Risk Management
BRP-220.01   Board Policy on Safe Disclosure
BRP-220.02   Board Policy on Off-Campus Activity and Travel

BPD-225        Human Resources Development and Management
BRP-225.01   Board Policy on the Chancellor
BRP-225.02   Board Policy on Delegation of Authority on Human Resource Development & Management Matters
BRP-225.04   Board Policy on Employee Contract Negotiations and Management
BRP-225.05   Board Policy on Acting President
BRP-225.06   Board Policy on Service Excellence Awards

BPD-230     Student Support, Student Co-Curricular Learning and Student Societies Dedicated to Student Engagement 
BRP-230.01   Board Policy on the Student Union Society

BPD-235      Board and Senate Relationships
BRP-235.03   Board Policy on Academic Excellence Awards
BRP-235.04   Board Policy on Delegation of Authority on Academic Matters

BPD-240      Alumni Relationships 

BPD-250      Community Relationships and Communication
BRP-250.01   Board Policy on Betty Urquhart Community Service Award   


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