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With over 80 courses, 23 full time faculty, 10 programs, 4 options and 3 concentrations, UFV’s School of Business is perfect for students who want to graduate prepared to work in a rapidly changing business environment. Please find important information below, and contact businfo@ufv.ca with any additional inquiries regarding our program.

Important facts 

  • All students must register individually for each course
  • Be careful when registering and selecting your courses.
    • Course prerequisites are checked by Admissions and Records when you register in a course, but it is your responsibility to read the UFV Academic Calendar/Timetable to make sure you meet the prerequisites
    • Be sure to consult your UFV Academic Calendar, www.ufv.ca/calendar, for course descriptions and course prerequisites. Watch out for the calendar year- maker sure you’re looking at the current calendar.
    • Seats are reserved for Business Administration students in most of the required courses; however, due to high demand for the program, some of all of the courses may be full at your time of registration. In these situations, you may waitlist or enroll in other business courses if you have the prerequisites
    • Taking courses in the semester sequence shown on the UFV Academic calendar will minimize problems in completing the prerequisites as they are needed.
    • Should you decide to enroll in courses at another institution, please read this guide carefully: http://www.ufv.ca/admissions/admissions/transfer. You must submit a ‘Request for Letter of permission” to the Office of the Registrar to ensure that you will receive transfer credit at a later date. You must complete the course within the date specified on your request.

Important links


  • Where your registration time is posted
  • Where you can register online
  • All communication with advisors, instructors, and announcements
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Documents for tax purposes (T2202A, T4s, etc.)


  • Program information: What courses you need for your program
  • Course descriptions and pre-requisites for courses.


  • How to register
  • Timetables for each semester
  • Class sizes and waitlists
  • Exam schedules, important dates


  • Information for new students here
  • Make appointments with librarians
  • Area for students to work in groups, and silent study

Repeated Courses

A course may be repeated in order to improve the CGPA. However, students may not register for the same course more than twice. Third-time registration requires the Director’s permission. You need to submit a registration request form and a letter of intent (explain your reasons as well as how you plan to achieve a better grade)

Co-operative Education Option (not available to BBA Aviation students)

Students wishing to enter the co-op education program should apply through the UFV Career Center Career Link www.ufv.ca/jobs


Abbotsford Campus Building C
2nd floor, Room C2418
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