UFV President & Vice Chancellor Dr.
Mark Evered proudly displays the 2010
University Report Card,  which once
again gave UFV top marks in student
satisfaction and quality of teaching.

UFV ranked #1 nationwide
UFV tops its category for most satisfied students and quality of education

Canadian universities have built a reputation for excellence in education throughout the world. All publicly funded universities are highly accredited and must maintain extremely high standards spanning a wide array of requirements. That’s one reason why accredited Canadian degrees are recognized worldwide. 
Contrary to popular belief, Canada does not issue an official numbered list that ranks its universities. Instead, Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, partners with The Strategic Counsel and Educational Policy Institute and grades 55 universities on a number of characteristics, based on the survey opinions of more than 43,000 undergraduates. Results are published in the Canadian University Report. Universities are ranked amongst the others in their category (very small, small, medium, and large), according to the number of students they enrol each year.

Top marks once again in 2010 Canadian University Rankings
Canadian University Report results in more A’s and A+’s than any other B.C. university
In 2010, UFV continues to shine in the “Canadian University Report”. UFV was at the top of the list in the small universities category (4,000 to 12,000 students), earning the only A+ in student–faculty interaction  and an A+ in class size. UFV also brought home A grades for most satisfied students, teaching, and quality of education.

Download the full report at: http://static.globecampus.ca/uploads/docs/CUR2010_fullmagazine.pdf 

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